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Good for Red Bull

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Don't let your employees extort you and use your brand to push their politics.




"In the court of public opinion, no longer is it considered acceptable for businesses to simply act in compliance with the antidiscrimination laws. Rather, companies are encouraged to take a proactive, public stance against racial injustice and to reflect deeply on the ways in which they can work to eliminate barriers to racial equality within their own organizations."


Right....."prove you're not a racist or I'll work somewhere else."  Bye assholes.  Heard the economy is doing wonderful.  Best Wishes!

Again, kudos to Red Bull.

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So the US leadership wanted a company stance on BLM. The Austrian leadership (and head leadership) didn't. Then the US leadership was fired.


Alright, more power to the leaders of red bull if they felt this was hurting business.

I'd say whatever consequences from the they face they deserve too but I have a feeling people drinking red bull don't really care

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