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MLD Woody

QAnon is for Sad, Lonely Boomers

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48 minutes ago, MLD Woody said:

I'm 28. I think a lot of people around my age started to pull away from it a handful of years ago. Hence the studies now that show boomers the most active on facebook. I'm not sure if it was to time overall or specifically my group getting older, but it's definitely died off. 

With Snapchat, TikTok, Vine, etc I'd be more concerned about Zoomers. Their whole life has involved social media for the most part. 

The only reason I got a FaceBook account was I felt I was out of the loop on the doings of my nieces and nephews. The older your are, the fewer people you're willing to friend. I have a tad over 100. One of my nieces has 2,500+. Really Mandy- you don't think that's a little risky?  

Never have visited Snapchat, TicTok or Vine. I even deleted my LinkedIn account after a year or so...  I thought it was too public.   

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2 hours ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:

Old Man Phone GIFs | Tenor

I did HAVE to trace that number.  :)  Yeah, if  "real" smartphone confuses you there's always a Jitterbug.  I almost considered one. What pushed me from a flip phone to join the smart generation was a trip to Florida. It was either buy a Garmin, or the smartphone. Never have regretted going with the phone...... 

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17 hours ago, MLD Woody said:

When my dad finally, FINALLY upgraded from his flip phone to a smart phone he got the same one as me so that I could show him everything. He runs his own business and you'd think having a smartphone would make that easier. He's a smart guy too, masters in Engineering. 

Every time I help my mom with something on her phone I end up closing 15+ apps running in the background. 

There’s no way you have a father.....

Two lesbian moms maybe.

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