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Jeremiah's 2020 'early' College Scouting

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To Soon? Sure! https://nfl.com/news/scouting-justin-fields-ohio-state-qb-similar-to-dak-prescott    but maybe not if your now bored with nflgamepass?

Started in June, Daniel started a early scouting report, starting with Buckeyes QB Justin Fields..

A Short stroll down on link? Jeremiah gives other players of interest a report by clicking on their name.

New Player reports show up about every other day.. my plan is to maybe.. > arrow across or maybe refresh on link to new players           

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Not to early to start thinking about college football.   Maybe a bit early to be  doing "mock drafts"  etc. 

But in one respect the comparison between Dak Prescott and Justin Fields will NOT be the same:   Prescott was a 4th round draft choice.....Fields will be a Top 5 pick. 

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