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Football and coronavirus

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17 hours ago, htownbrown said:

Yep. I filled mine out already.

Some interesting questions in the survey...one asked if I'd take more tickets to fewer games (I have 2 seats).  In other words, say 4 tickets to 4 games.

I'd rather have my 2 seats for a few games and apply the $$ towards 2021 for games I can't attend. Who knows how this will be handled.


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could be just me? but i have a few media Rants that may help meself by just getting them out 🤓..

1) Camps won't open end of July.. This league is just to slow at doing anything..and Both sides rarely agree on anything..I might image a October start.. if any  

2) the data from Baseball & NBa/NHL re-starts won't even have time to show any real data, that shows any affects on what smaller roster teams could show..

3) Helmets? have ya heard some of these bright idea's? The only picture that comes to my mind is the scene from Apollo 13 NQgO.gif  run in a cloth mask and see if that thing don't become a nose booger by halftime 🤧..

I can't envision a spat visor extending to cover players own mouth either.. where will the visor end? with no risk to his own throat? Or another players dis-attached finger?    I've been in one, when that unexpected loose rivet cracks that shield..that will get ugly 

4) Waivers-- sure some players may opt out from playing this season at all.. Players will fail covid testing... so let's not get the cart out in front of the horses... by setting cut down roster limits before we even start


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