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This should end this witch hunt against Biden once and for all, now lets move on

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1 hour ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:

You just don't get it do ya. He was born in Canada you know. trumpy can produce the birth certificate as soon as the election is over. This is how it works every time with this trumptard crowd.

"Razzle Dazzle them and they'll beg you for more!"🤡🤴👱‍♂️

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Jonathan Turley shreds Biden for not allowing even a search of his Delaware senate records

Jonathan Turley shredded Biden today over his refusal to allow a search of his records for Reade’s allegation. He noted that in the beginning of the interview with Morning Mika he found Biden credible, but then all of that fell apart when Biden refused to allow for the release or even a search of his records at Delaware University.

First, Turley points out that Biden’s claim that only the national archives would have Reade’s complaint isn’t true:


Joe Biden just said that he is not opposed to releasing any complaints by anyone, which again is commendable. That has to be made clear to not just the national archives but Univ. of Delaware. It is not true that only the archives would have material related to such a complaint.



Turley compares Biden’s “cringe-worthy” refusal to allow a search of his Delaware records to someone who is ok with a search of their barn but then gets irate when asked to search their home…


While Biden called the allegation of whether he raped a woman "irrelevant," it is relevant. Biden succeeded in putting a spot light on Delaware. This is the type of cringe-worthy examination you see in trials when a smooth witness suddenly becomes alarmed or irate on the stand...

Turley says what Biden is calling for is a “flashlight search”, when what is really needed is sunlight…


This is a flashlight search where a witness tells police to look only where he is shining the light. This calls for sunlight not a flashlight. I found Biden quite credible up to that point. The solution is to allow searches in both sites of any misconduct allegation by anyone.




Biden's statement that Reade's allegation was "irrelevant" was just a poorly crafted response. However, his call for the release of only any complaint from Reade and only from the archives undermined his position. In the end, his transparency effort ended with a curious evasion.



It’s clear to see that Biden is only interested in ‘responding’ to the sexual assault allegations and not in true transparency. That’s likely because it really happened. What makes this all the worse is that after complaining about Biden, Reade’s job was downgraded and she was ultimately fired. She was victimized twice by Biden and his Senate staff and the fact that he won’t even allow for a search of Reade’s name makes her story even more credible than before.


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yep. Rape is ok is it is their guy - if their guy wins, that makes them happy.

emotional knee jerkie. Even with the accuser being of the SAME political party and having

evidence directly backing up their claims.

  and the childish retort about Pres Trump's tax records - his tax records are a fishing expidition.

there is no verifiable claim of any wrongdoing.


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