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I just got out of the hospital SUNDAY......it was one interesting week, glad to be home again !

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I just got out of the hospital SUNDAY......it was one interesting week, glad to be home again !


Well it was an interesting for sure I wasn't feeling well the past two weeks especially the past week plus culminating two weekends ago when between two of my doctors we had to decide what to do.  My hip pain got real bad real quick and it didn't look like it would get better real quick so we had to we had to do something.  If you have been watching the news any time in the past month or so it's not exactly the best time to be hanging around ERs or decide on a hospital visit because you miss the fine food and the  nurses -but- we had to run some numbers and see what our options were.

For the last month going back into March my wife and I have been watching our temperatures and my FBS blood sugars just because it is the smart thing to do and it's so quick and easy to do everyday now......we recommend it for everyone to do just in case your temps would sundenly but very moderately bump up....... which happendly to me about two plus weeks ago.  No big deal just 99. something and only one 100.5 which is something to watch.

Then I started to get left hip pain and it was increasing everyday, NOT good, then we started doing MY TPRs everyday......my wife was fine another UH-OH because I also had asteomylietis (infection) of my left hip in in 2017 and 2019 which ended up with long hospital stays with rehabs that took months nothing to play with. Finally and unexpectedly last Tuesday one surgeon said that's it go to the ER right now turned out to be the correct call at 2 pm I called an ambulance, by 3 I was an ER patent getting tests like a CAT scan an by 6 pm I was in room 510 as their guest for "awhile" unlil they could figure out the next move.

i was getting tired more and more lately and the hip pain was getting worse (not good) and  didn't even have time to write some nice goodbye letters out was just BANG I was in bed with an IV in my right arm getting that dreaded Vankomyesin (sp?) in my arm twice a day.

Friday morning I got my second CAT scan this one with the dye marker to give my infectious disease doctor more information on my card she was a really cute little thing so I figured out that I wasn't dying just yet (good sign). On then got my first nurse a guy which is rare on this floor most are cute little 26 year old blondes -but- after a brief chat  he told me that he didn't work this floor and he just spent a month on the COVID -19 floor ........now my brain is trying to do all kind of combinations and permutations on what this might mean ?  :o:(:ph34r:

But no problem one shift and he was gone evidently i was ok  and he was replaced with Kelly, Kristen and Crissy and they were all about 25-26 and blonde and they had two nursing students who were graduating in three weeks from YSU and we're offered and excepted positions with the hospital and would have my care and reported back to Kelly who did my meds......and all was right with the world AGAIN !  Thank goodness for senior student nurses who are all excited about stepping up with everything going on we had some nice chats.....and my mojo must have returned.....they were all cute young blondes,. OMG.    :D

Back to nursing stuff, evidently after three days of killer IV stuff my numbers were improved by Saturday morning the big decision to be made was about the IV itself I burned through two sites in three days, if I get a PICC line I'm stuck there for a week or two then on to another specialty hospital for 4-6 weeks and then probably weeks of killer REHAB PT.....did that twice last year and 25 total weeks.  Well about 2 pm doc back and said if my numbers held how about PO MEDS (pills) and maybe go home later today........I was shocked......but I said I'd go ASAP !!!

4 PM they said I could go and an ambulance would be there at 6:30 pm and I'd be hope by 7 pm......very tired and sore but home.   I called my wife with the wonderful news, remember STRICT NO VISITORS ALLOWED POLICY, she wasn't even allowed in ER......  and she said that she wasn't ready she was airing out my mattress and wondered if I could come the next day.......to witch I said are you crazy I'm coming home.   She was thrilled. :wub:

So I was home by 7 but too tired to get up and didn't get out of bed until about 4 PM Sunday but I was HOME.....BABY !

OH and the hospital stay itself was really unusual to say the least, NO VISITORS it was so quiet, I has excellent care, put your light on and they were there in minutes......but students until Friday was nice they don't overload them. :)

The hospital was spotlessly clean !  The food was really good it was a great visit and oh so quiet, so nice.  

I don't think think I could have hacked another hospital and then REHAB after just getting home November 27, 2019 the day before Thanksgiving.......the wife and I just need some good R&R time and stay home.  Nice to be back.


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1 hour ago, The Gipper said:


It was one interesting week that went by so fast, a week ago Tuesday it was looking like I'd be heading somewhere quick and we had no idea for how long.....WHEW !

Well my streak is still alive I've been in the hospital every year since 2015 now.

I'm just hoping that I'm done for awhile now......not where you want to be right now.

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