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The Gipper

Game 7

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Tonight is yet another Game 7 of a World Series.  In the history of MLB, this will be the 40th game 7.  

MLB .com has ranked all 39 of the previous Game 7s.

#1 is the Bill Mazeroski bottom of the 9th  (I think there may have been 2 outs) homer to beat the Yankees.    It is apparently the ONLY game 7 to have ever ended in a walkoff homerun.  (Joe Carter's walkoff homer to win the WS for the BlueJays was actually only Game 6).    Ergo, that 1960 game edges out the 2016  Cubs/Indians game.  A game I really could not watch...not if I didn't want a heart attack. 

The 1997 Marlins/Indians extra inning game  was rated #6.


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The other Game 7s that they rank above the 1997 game besides the 1960 Pirates/Yankees, and the 2016 Cubs/Indians were:

The 2001 Arizona/Yankees game,  walk off hit in bottom of 9th  (just not a homer)

1991 Twins/Braves   1-0  10 inning game, complete game shutout by Jack Morris.  That game alone deserved him a place in the HOF.

1924  Senators/Giants.   Won by Senators in 12 innings.....the longest Game 7 in history.   (Tribe/Marlins:  11 innings)

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Also, as far as I can tell from reading the article, there have only bee  5 Game 7s....of the 39, that have gone into Extra Innings.

1912 Red Sox over Giants

1924 Senators over Giants, as noted above

1991 Twins over Braves...see above

1997 Marlins over Indians

2016 Cubs over Indians.

So, the Tribe is cursed that way.   I guess you could say that you could feel bad for the Giants who also lost 2 extra inning WS....but don't.   Between the 1912 game and the 1924 game, the Giants did manage to win 2 World Series.  Had they won in 1924, that actually would have made it  winning the WS 3 out of 4 years.   Whereas we know that the Tribe had not won a WS in 49 years as of 1997, and now we are working on 71 years, with another extra inning Game 7 loss in the mean time.


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