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I will be in the hospital again SEPT 15, surgery/ FINAL UPDATE, IM DONE NOV. 27 !

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17 hours ago, mjp28 said:

We did.  Best sage dressing that I've ever had!  Wife made it with Hawaiian bread and sweet onions and our home grown herbs.

My mom and grandma made the best.....it was better.  Plus pan gravy, mashed potatoes and the rest, oh yeah!

We had the turkey dinner at Disney Resorts All -Star Movies facility. Actually it was not bad at all plus no prep or cleanup to feed us, kids and grandkids. We had a great time all week at Disneyworld/Universal celebrating our upcoming 50th. As I said on Gips America thread, don't ever ride the Epcot Space training Mars adventure. Way too many sustained g forces higher than a real rocket ride and with no g-suits.

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