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11 minutes ago, Orion said:
  17 hours ago, PoeticG said:

This is the last thing I'm going to say about the penalties and the Robinson "kick"- 

Penalty's cost us this game. We lost solely because of the penalties. Either self inflicted or gifted by the refs, we can't have them if we want to be who we think we are. Gotta clean it up.

- And why the hell is KENNY FUCKING VACCARRO'S helmet anywhere near Greg Robinson's feet as he's falling down after the play is over. Kenny's a bitch, he deserved it.

Actually, it's not.

I agree that we probably lost because of the penalties.   But it's not the fault of the refs.  

You must not have read the rest of the thread or understood the context of that comment. My whole point was that they didn't lose because of refs, certainly not to take up for Robinson 

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