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Ohio State Wannabe Player

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I may have said something in the past couple of years about a player my son coached who took his 7th & 8th grade teams to district championships (they don't have state playoffs at that level). Anyway his dad is an Ohio native and very much hopes his son gets an offer from OSU. For my son he was a duel threat QB and occasional CB and WR and one of the very best athletes I've seen on any level. 

Anyway we attended his very first varsity game Friday night where he started as primary RB, quite an honor in Texas Football that early in a HS career. He didn't disappoint. 29 carries for 254 yds and 1 TD. He had a fumble but the refs really missed the fact that he was slammed on his back before the ball popped loose. All but one carry was into the LOS. His OC has not realized yet what great receiving hands he has and how much more effective when he gets the ball in space with his 4.34 speed. Had the other team not had an equally fast safety, his two 50 yd runs until angled OOBs would have gone for TDs. He actually would make a far better slot player. But their other really good RB has a hammy at the moment, so the running load was on him.

I won't give his name here unless his parents agree. I sat with them for the game and that was as much fun as watching his play. Too bad the OC did not put in a HB pass play on their last possession or they would have won instead of had a 6 point loss. Next time I go to one of his games I'll ask if I can give you his name.

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18 minutes ago, The Gipper said:

I think its a little too early to start thinking about where some HS freshman may want to go to college.

Sophomore. In Texas they are getting verbal commits from 10th graders with his kind of potential. A&M has two from new 11th graders based on what they did as Sophs. When you have a back that gets that kind of day against a very good team, you have to pay attention to what he has that makes it possible so young. Speed, vision, quickness and great moves. Plus he has great hands and a QBs arm. Only two other players have I ever seen in HS with that kind of potential, Ty Warren (DT with NE now retired) and Mason Crosby, still kicking for Green Bay.

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