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The Gipper

Beeline is Cavs new coach

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I know, spelled it wrong...on purpose, but the Cavs have a new HC....and they got him from Michigan.

The funny thing is that just on this past Thursday I had stopped by the Univ. of Mich....to just check it out on my way home from Northern Michigan, and I was walking around the Stadium there, and the arena, and I was looking to take a pee.  A guy walks out of some doors and I ask him if it is OK to go in that door to find a bathroom.   This young man says: "Well, these are the administrative offices of the basketball team, and John Beilein is about to step out of those doors, and you will have to ask him if it is OK".   I say, well....whatever, I guess I could just piss in a corner over here.    I did neither. I did not piss on their building...though that may have been fitting. And John Beilein did come out a minute later, but I was not going to beg him to let me in there to take a leak....so I just went up to a restaurant a couple of blocks away to do my business..

...but it was funny/ironic that I should be there on that spot at that time...just days before he becomes the Cavs coach.  I guessed he "walked out that door" in more ways than one.


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