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Jags trade theorhetical

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Zoinks! am reading chit from april ūü§©..How does Poe have time to find this stuff?... Does It sound¬†like? The NFL agents have hit "the sky is falling" button, due to a *possible* league stoppage?(does your contract end in a year or two?cha' ching).imho, Ramsey is in* camp¬†because Yannick Ngakoue, (who had like over 30 QB hits last season) contract is up at end of this season.He's sitting & the Jags cap ain't good after paying Foles.Ya may not be able to¬†pay'em all? But ya certainly, can't win it all by yourself either.Players to Players will talk. I¬†think Ramsey may have¬†slowed his roll¬†with the Jags to jump¬†ship till after 2019¬†season?¬†And¬†pay me more money than..Or Else?..Getting Nick Foles can't hurt their offense with Deflip around..but¬†his new OL might get him killed¬†¬†‚ė†ÔłŹ..

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