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Rd2- G. Pratt- LB- NCST- Pratt is a converted safety who has become a well rounded LB. He can lay the lumber, has good instincts, and blitzes well. He has excellent size and athleticism do if he falls to us in the 2nd he is a steal. I think he is the best LB in the draft.

Rd3- C. Gardener-Johnson- CB/S- Florida- Hes an athletic player who loves to hit. He needs to be more consistent in coverage but we can afford to be patient with him because of Kindred. Hopefully by the time Kindred gets hurt again CGJ will be ready to step up.

Rd4- K. McGary- OT- Washington- I think McGary has talent to go sooner but he has short arms and for some GMs that's a deal breaker. He is a great run blocker that gets to the 2nd level well. His pass blocking technique is pretty rough but I dont see anything that can't be coached up. He played LT and RT so he has some versatility. 

Rd5- R. Anderson- RB- Oklahoma- The talent is just too good to pass up here. He reminds me of Kareem Hunt so who better to replace Kareem Hunt after this year. We have the depth to redshirt him all season and make sure he is 100% when he sees the field. 

Rd5- M. Jackson- CB- Miami- big, talented, and has swagger. You really can't ask for more out of a late round pick. Could push for the #2 CB spot sooner than most would think.

Rd5- D. Christmas-DT- Florida St.- Big and strong with solid hand technique. He doesn't play very fast but holds his own in the running game. He consistently bench presses opposing lineman back 2 yards and does a decent job of shedding blockers.

Rd6- M. Crosby- DE- E. Michigan- high-motor guy that has a frame to develop. Not the greatest athlete but if he can add 25 lbs he could be nice rotational run stopper. Regardless he seems like a perfect special teams guy and in Rd6 that's great value.

Rd7- J. Browning- QB- Washington- we need a backup and Browning has a great skill set for that role. He is an accurate game manager. He seems like the type of player that will light up preseason then gets to sit behind Baker and watch his value rise. Maybe in 2 years we can get a 3rd for him come contract time.

I didn't get to study as much this year so I know I'm missing some gems. Let me know what you guys think and let me know who the sleepers I missed are.

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Strong cases for your guys...

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