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Academy Awards 2019

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I think I’ve been complaining about how one of my favorite events, the Academy Awards, have devolved over the years. Once they were awards given by a group of one’s peers for a spectacular performance or cinematic feat. Lately it’s become more oven outlet for political outrage instead of thespian artistry. I guess we will find out how dealership fares next month.  I will see you CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME and AT ETERNITY'S GATE before the awards.

And the nominees are:
Best supporting actress
Amy Adams, “VICE”
Meh, not a bad performance, she might be the favorite because of her body of work.

Marina de Tavira, “ROMA” 
A foreign film. I didn’t see it and don’t care, there’s already a category for that.

The movie was too depressing but she did turn in one of the few sparkling performances. I think it just barely missed the cut coming in at 9th place out of eight nominees.

Not a charismatic role but it wasn’t a charismatic movie I don’t think she’ll win but it was a good turn.

Rachel Weisz, “THE FAVOURITE”
Same comment as I gave Emma Stone.
Best supporting actor
Mahershala Ali, “GREEN BOOK”
Unspectacular but solid job. He’s the favorite to win but there’s not much competition for best supporting actor.

Really? Please.

Sam Elliott, “A STAR IS BORN”
Sam Elliott can only do one thing but he’s extremely cool when he doesn’t

Richard E. Grant, “CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME?”
Another film that I’ve missed merely because I never made it up to the cedar Lee. It will probably hit the theaters everywhere because of the nomination but probably not until after this issues deadline.

Sam Rockwell, “VICE”
I don’t know how the tide is going to be turning for or against Vice why Ward time but Sam Rockwell did a very good job as W.
Best actress 
Yalitza Aparicio, “ROMA”
See my previous ROMA comments.

Glenn Close, “THE WIFE”
Outstanding performance by one of America’s best actresses. Odds on winner. Nobody saw the film but I hope her reputation draws enough attention.

Olivia Colman, “THE FAVOURITE”
She’s the Dark Horse and turned in a very good performance even though I hated the film.

Lady Gaga, “A STAR IS BORN”
She was much better than I’d expected compared to many rock stars in film, but certainly out of her League compared to real actresses.

Melissa McCarthy, “CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME?”
It’s always cool when a comedian nails a dramatic role. Comedy is actually harder than drama and less appreciated. She still won’t win
Best actor
Christian Bale, “VICE” 
Great Oscar-worthy performance yet no better than John C Reilly and Steve Coogan in Stan and Ollie who were snubbed. 

Bradley Cooper, “A STAR IS BORN”
Not bad but little more than channeling Kristofferson. I was actually more impressed by his Direction.

Willem Dafoe, “AT ETERNITY’E GATE”
Hopefully this one will open regionally because of the nomination but probably not before deadline.

I'd have been more impressed if he did all his own singing but a worthy performance nonetheless, and the favorite at this writing, even though I thought Christian Bale had the best performance of the nominees.

Viggo Mortensen, “GREEN BOOK” 
Loved the film but while the performance was good I didn’t think it was worthy of the best actor.
Best director
The Dark Horse in this race. Depends how hateful the academy is feeling when they vote. But he’s a long shot.

Pawel Pawlikowski, “COLD WAR”
Another foreign language film? Come on.

Yorgos Lanthimos, “THE FAVOURITE”
If I hated the film so I naturally hated the direction.

Alfonso Cuarón, “ROMA”
The odds on favorite just because of a huge Roma tide. You know my opinion on the foreign language flick.

Adam McKay, “VICE”
Not even a very good film he was carried by some excellent performances. No way.
Best picture
I didn’t think it was an actual stinker but a middle-of-the-road to slightly below-average superhero film. If it had been set in a Scandinavian valleys and the actors had blonde it would be taken as a joke.

Spike Lee goes all-in with the ugly over-the-top stereotype in this one. No shades of grey. But the worst part is that it's an especially stupid police sting movie even without the race card.

A fan favorite but no more than a paint-by-numbers biopic. No real revelations but some good music.

The cheapest Scotch you can buy his Queen Anne. Somebody in this production team must have an axe to grind with her besides that. I hated this vulgar and unpleasant film.

My favorite film of all the best picture nominees, good acting and an uplifting note that’s refreshingly fair and balanced, but I’m not sure the fairness appeals to the academy these days.

Is a foreign language film so I am completely disregarding it. As of today it’s the odds on favorite to win. I hope it doesn’t.

I don’t think that it outshone the Barbra Streisand Kris Kristofferson version but it was a good quality film.

Didn’t think it was a great film, not even a really good one but there are some outstanding performances from Christian Bale and Sam Rockwell.

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