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Saw this movie tonight.   In a conversation with  WSS, he said he thought it would be a hack job on him.   So did I....but frankly....I thought that it was essentially  80-90% favorable toward him in its overall depiction.  Particularly in his early years and his home life.   Even in the depiction of his political career I thought it was very fair.  I thought that it did show him exercising a naked use of power.....but I did not find that either negative nor unfair.  It simply showed what it was like to do what must be done to rise to power and to use it.  I thought that was just a depiction of what politics in America may be like at the upper echelons.

There were 3 areas where I think the movie was highly critical of him and showed him abusing his power.    But I do not think those criticisms were unfair....they were just as a guy at the end of the movie says:  showing facts.

Two areas I knew about, which I think we all have been highly aware of:   A. his approval, essentially, of the use of torture.. in the war on terror...and his tortured justification of it.  and B.  The knowingly false pretext that led to the justification of the Iraq War.

The third area that I found critical of him was just a small bit in the movie...and was, if true, an historical fact that I was never aware of:  During the Iraq War, he received an intelligence briefing about  this Al-Qaeda affiliated guy  Al-Zawaqiri (or something like that)....moving to consolidate his forces in northern Iraq.....and he apparently chose not to take any action against this group,   For whatever reason (and the movie does not give an explanation for this). This group eventually became ISIS, and it was implied that if Cheney had acted upon this intelligence (and , yes, Cheney actually had control over command decisions of the military)  that the whole ISIS problem may have never started. 

Nevertheless, as Isaid, overall I thought the movie mainly somewhat sympathetic toward him.


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3 hours ago, Westside Steve said:

I saw today as well. It was 80% a hack job. 

Bale was excellent.


No it wasn’t it was 80% sympathetic. Apparently you just were looking for it to be a hack job there for you concluded that it was. I came away far more disposed in the guys favor than I ever thought I would be. 

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