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Pres Trump - brilliant new trade deals posturing.

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can't get new deals without leverage. That is what tariffs, etc, are about. The liberal bitching is immediate concern,

but it keeps ending up with a far better trade deal for us.


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I think with Canada, Mexico and Europe Trump's negotiating has put us in a better position. Short term pain for longer term gain has worked. My concern is with China and their ability to endure economic hardships over tariffs and such better than the United States. The communists in China won't tolerate any dissent so they won't get any of the protests we will get here over any economic pain..they will always have that advantage over us. I think Trump sees that too and and is trying to get the best deal as quickly as he can with China..

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Record imports in October drove the U.S. trade deficit to the highest level in a decade.

The Commerce Department said Thursday that the gap between the United States sells and what it buys from foreign countries hit $55.5 billion in October, the fifth straight increase and highest since October 2008.

The politically sensitive deficit in the trade of goods with China rose 7.1% to a record $43.1 billion. The goods gap with the European Union widened 65.5% to a record $17.6 billion.

Led by shipments of medicine and cars, overall imports rose 0.2% to a record $266.5 billion. Exports fell 0.1% to $211 billion.



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mz the pussy translation:

"record imports in October, are low, and I talk out of my ass, and won't admit that the tariffs were only temporary leverage in

working for BETTER and FAIRER TRADE DEALS because that conflicts with my warped emotional knee jerk...did I mention I always talk

out of my ass?"

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Well the tariffs sure are reducing our trade deficit. Oh wait what's the opposite of reducing. 

President Donald Trump campaigned on a pledge to slash America’s longstanding trade deficit with the rest of the world. Despite his import taxes on steel, aluminum and Chinese goods, the deficit so far this year is running 11.4% above January-October 2017.

U.S. exports of soybeans, targeted for retaliatory tariffs by China, dropped 46.8% in October.




INNEAPOLIS (AP) — The number of farms filing for bankruptcy is increasing across the Upper Midwest, following low prices for corn, soybeans, milk and beef, according to a new analysis from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

The analysis found that 84 farms filed for bankruptcy in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana in the 12 months that ended in June. That’s more than double the number over the same period in 2013 and 2014.

“Current price levels and the trajectory of the current trends suggest that this trend has not yet seen a peak,” said Ron Wirtz, an analyst at the Minneapolis Fed.

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TripleC mz the pussy the pussy translation:

"I don't know squat of what I"m talking about; I can't even figure out what gender I am because I'm a moron"

I farm. The Fed raised rates, big farmers have big debt. If they can't borrow money cheaply, they go bankrupt.

One combine can run huge money, loan wise.

Most new John Deere combines are priced from $380,000 to $480,000, said Michael Cessna, a sales representative for the Arends-Hogan-Walker (AHW) dealership east of Urbana. With add-on features, farmers might be looking at $500,000 for a combine, "but you could get up to $600,000 real easy," Cessna said.Nov 2, 2014

plus, Roundup is getting some very serious bad news - and farmers are not wanting to continue to use it.

There goes the best way to increase profitability. It isn't worth it. Destroys microbes etc in the soil, increases erosion, causes cancer, etc.

Bankruptcies don't happen immediately just because of a trade embargo with china.

U.S. garlic growers are in love with the China trade war - Axios

Oct 13, 2018 - Pricing pressure from cheaper Chinese garlic has caused a lot of of U.S. farms to scale back production, or shut down completely.

Trump's Trade War With China May Not Change Anything | Time

time.com › World › China
Apr 6, 2018 - There's a Real Risk That Trump's Trade War With China Won't Change Anything ... “to implement a plan to protect our farmers and agricultural interests. ... China's IP protection record, but responding with trade sanctions ... If imposed, analysts say China can expect a significant number of bankruptcies and .
Apr 15, 2018 - Farmers know they could be caught in a trade battle involving China, but they're not ... Despite the uncertainty caused by the tariffs, about 54 percent of ... that the Chinese have focused a large share of the sanctions on agricultural ... be exacerbated for all and 1 percent or less could actually go bankrupt.
there ya go WhisperedWaryArmednylonshrimp-size_restr


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I'm thinking that the farmers losing their farms because of Trump tariffs are thinking that Trump-Brilliant is an oxymoron or maybe just a moron.

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