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Fixing college football and taking the espn ran committee out

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The committee a group of 13 dumbfucks.  Every year they get it wrong and change the criteria of what matter to suit what espn wants. The fix.. 

1.  All conferences play 9 games per team. 

2.  No divisions in any conference. All conferences play round robin style. 

3. The playoffs go to 12 teams 

4. The playoffs will consist of 10 teams from the power 5 conferences 2 from each. And 2 teams from the group of 5. The best two teams from each get in no conference championship games. 

5.  All teams play first round game leaving 6 teams.

6.  In the second round the top two teams ranked during the year get a bye the reaming 4 teams play leaving 4 remaining then 2 in the championship game. 

7. Decision on who will play in all rounds will be determined by putting teams in lottery machine all matchups would be random.  

This method would not only be fair, but safe from corruption from media sources and bring football fans a true champion, be they from a power 5, or group of five.  No conference would be left out. 

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8 team won playoff.

Big 5 conference champs 

3 at large bids

At large bids go by top ranked non-conference winner AP poll

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