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New Pres Bolsonaro knows reality - Brazilians have suffered from leftist rule

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this is the fallacious thinking of pro gun people. Now let me be clear, i think it is a good thing to give back some limired gun ownership to citiz3ns....brazil was too far left. However, the overall violence problem in brazil will not be altered even slightly. A couple ccw carriers might get a few shots off but the overall gang on gang violence in brazil is appalling....and that isnt getting solved one iota by any gun measures. 

the only thing brazil can really do is declare martial law for a few years while the military roots out organized crime and keeps guns from being smuggled into the country in the furst place.

for being the most christian nation on earth, brazil is a cesspool of corruption, graft pollution and violence.

rem the last olympics where swimmers had to wear special anti microbial suits to swim in the rivers and sht? that isnt being solved with a shift to.the right. Its only going to get worse. 

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