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Here is a link to the wiki site for the AAF:


So...   since we have none locally, which of the AAF teams would you "root" for?  :

Arizona Hotshots    (after firefighters)

Salt Lake City Stallions

San Antonio Commanders

San Diego Fleet

Birmingham Iron

Memphis Express

Orlando Apollos

OK, my opinions:    I hate teams that are not the name of Plural things.  So, fuyck Fleet/Iron/Express...doubly the latter because it is a corporate bullshine name.   Stallions is too cliche...and should belong to Birmingham (USFL team name).

I will probably be on board with San Antonio, since my daughter lives there....but I am not high on "Commanders"  though it could be worse.

I do kind of like Hotshots and Apollos.   Apollos makes me think of Battlestar Gallactica.....and the Hotshots is a name in remembrance of like th 15 firefighters from Prescott AZ....where my brother lives, that lost their lives fighting a huge fire. 

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