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The Gipper

Preference for the Postseason

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Baseball's postseason is upon us.    Here are my preferences for winning it all:

American League:

Obviously the preference is for the Tribe to win.....and  we Indians fans are THE most deserving fans to have a championship come our way.  The last 2 WS they have been in they lost in extra innings of the 7th game.   No team, no town has suffered more heartbreak.  We deserve the title.

That said, if the Tribe should not win then here are my thoughts about the other teams:

A.  Fuyuck the Yankees, Fuyuck the Red Sox....with a 15 foot pole.   Both of those teams can die

B. As for the other two teams:   I guess my preference would be for the As.    This is based purely on how long it has been since the As have won compared to the Astros.     As last title was 1989.  Of course Astros are defending champs.   Preference for As.....the Small Money Ball team.   (as far as each city....Houston won last year with the Astros, and Oakland has had the Warriors as winners...so go with the As)

National League:

A.  Eff the Braves.   They and Atlanta are such non-descript team/city that I have no interest in them

B. Fuyuck the Dodgers as well.  While they have not won since 1988.....eff them anyway because they are Hollywood's kiss butt team. 

C.  It would not bother me if the Colorado Rockies won....they have never won.  But then they have only been around for like 25 years.  I guess if Indians fans have had to wait for 70 years now, they can wait a bit longer.

D. The Cubs.   Not sure how I should feel about the Cubs.  They are my wife's favorite team....but the did just win for the first time in 108 years.....so now it has only been 2 years.   I guess if they win it would not be terrible for them to have 2 wins in 110 years.

E.  Brewers.   Definitely the team in the NL that I would like to win most.    They have never won.  They have been around since the 1960s.  Oddly, my wife is from about 20 miles south of Milwaukee, but she is a Cubs fan.  If it came down to the Cubs vs. Brewers, as it did last night.....I vote for the Brewers.

So, to summarize, here is the final order of preference:

1. Indians, of course

2. Brewers

3. Rockies

4. Cubs

5. As

6. Astros

7. Braves

8. Dodgers

9. Red Sox

10. Yankees

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Indians.  And everyone else can go away

I don’t find myself rooting for other teams

I just love seeing great games 

Right now I’m watching game 1 Mil vs Col. 10th inning. Can’t look away 

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