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The Gipper

Rock n Roll Pilgrimage

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I don't know if I may have put something like this on here before,   but as you know, I am a traveler, and I have a number of things I like to see and do when I travel:  National Park Units, Presidential Homes, College Campuses. etc.  

One other thing that I have done over the years is to make what I call Rock n Roll Pilgrimages.   To visit sites that have been  important or noteworthy in Rock n Roll History.

Examples of places I have been to:   The site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival.  The Muscles Shoals Ala.  studio.   Penny Lane and Abbey Road.  And obviously the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.   There are a few others perhaps that have slipped my mind...but you can help me there.  

But come next weekend, I will be making a stop at another famous site in R&R history:    The Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake Iowa.    This is the site of the final concert put on by Buddy Holly/Richie Valens/Big Bopper before their plane crashed and killed them all.  If I recall Waylon Jennings was supposed to be on that plane but gave up his seat.    Just north of town about 5 miles is the actual crash site where there is a memorial.

But my question is:    What are other sites where you can, or have made a Rock n Roll Pilgrimage to?   Besides the ones I have mentioned above.

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A few other places I have visited:

Graceland, Memphis.........plus Elvis  birth home in Tupelo Miss.

The Crossroads.....Clarkdale  Mississippi  (where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil)

Buddy Holly home and Museum.....Lubbock TX

Beachy Head and Brighton, England.....featured in Quadrophenia by The Who.

I saw, but did not go into the Experience Music Project in Seattle (it sits right below the Space Needle)

Haight Ashbury district San Francisco

Sixth Street in Austin Texas...perhaps more CW,  but some R&R

Preservation Hall, New Orleans....but more a Jazz center

Margaritaville, The Green Parrot and Sloppy Joe's in Key West.

Probably a few others

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