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I'm stunned. I honestly wondered if this would ever happen again. 

1. The Jets completely befuddled and tormented Tyrod Taylor. For most of the time he was in the game, he had zero chance. The Jets had a great game plan vs him and really seemed to target the left side of the OLine with blitzes, trying to see if they could take advantage of Desmond Harrison's greenness. They did. When Taylor did eventually have time to make throws, he was awful. 

2. And the Tyrod Taylor Era is officially over. Not only did the offense look totally different, pushing the ball down the field, but Mayfield CAN BE BETTER. He had some help from his receivers, as many of his passes were behind the intended target, but Shmuck it, I'm chalking up the great catches to receivers stoked by the Mayfield adrenalin shot! His arm can take advantage of Callaway's ability to open up the top of a defense, and Njoku's ability to get down the seams. Landry was awesome. I was definitely in the "Let's keep Mayfield off the field until at least half way through the season, maybe to the bye week" camp, but it's his team now. 

3. I'm sure there's a varied opinion on this, but those color rush uniforms for the Browns were IMO light years better than the Browns actual uniforms. I hope they wear them again. 

4. I haven't seen a lot of Joe Thomas, media member. He's got a fantastic future ahead of him in front of the camera. Great, rare combo of intelligence and likability. Good for him. Also nice to see Josh McCown still in the league, still being a great teammate. I sincerely hope the Browns can get him onto the coaching staff after he retires, if coaching is an interest to him. For a guy who didn't spend that much time in Cleveland, he's one of my favorites. 

5. Myles Garrett should get a ton of pub, but Larry Ogunjobi at DT is looking to be a stud too. Makes a huge difference to have a guy inside that can push the pocket back for Garrett. Denzel Ward is looking like a great pick, what a big, important strip fumble he made. 

6. I'm so thankful for this win, because I can somewhat gloss over how bad the special teams were tonight, sans (THANKFULLY) the kicker, who made all his kicks. A blocked punt, penalties, and kicking the ball out of bounds on a kickoff. Oof. 

7. So happy for the defense and Greg Williams, I was very worried that they wouldn't hold up, but they did. 

8. Open up the coolers, mothertruckers. Dilly Dilly, indeed. 

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