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A Japanese Doctors final days - An honest death

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On 8/31/2018 at 6:36 PM, DieHardBrownsFan said:


My kids sometimes worry that I talk about my own death as if it's imminent. I tell them I'd make for a good over/under in Vegas at about 20 years. They have a very hard time accepting that fact even though as of this week I'm 71.5. I've made it clear to my RB friends that if they hear that I keeled over hiking in the Colorado mountains, then I got exactly the death I hoped for with no damn nursing homes for dementia or any long term pain involved. And furthermore they need to communicate that to my wife so she will finally quit denying death is real for us all. Besides that I often add in that what I came so close to in Vietnam left me with a sense of borrowed time and an appreciation of all the icing on the cake since that time. How lucky can one life be?

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