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The Gipper

Best Movie of the 21st Century

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This subject is spawned by the comments in another thread:

What do you think is the BEST movie of the 21st century, so far.  

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I herewith submit my Top Ten Movies since...and including  2000:  Caveat...these are the ones that are considered "serious movies, more or less. There are some "blockbuster" type movies that I like a lot as well, but I will give the Top Ten to these, as with each and every one I would not mind watch over multiple times  (and have done so in most cases)

1. Chicago

2. The Lord of the Rings...the Trilogy

3. Inglorius Basterds

4. Master and Commander

5. Seabiscuit

6. The Bridge of Spies

7. Lincoln

8. The King's Speech

9. The Departed

10. Munich

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