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A piece of US Naval history, our harbor defences, check it out.

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A piece of US Naval history from a friend of my wife on her Facebook page her grandfather served there.  I'm a big WWII buff but even I didn't really know that much about this subject.




Construction Photos of the Mills, Frank, Schofield, and Graham - 
Independence Seaport Museum Archives, New York Shipbuilding recordswww.phillyseaport.org/library

Construction Photos of the Mills II and Frank II - Marietta Manufacturing Company Records (#742), Special Collections Department, 
J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA. 

This page provides more detail related to the U.S. Coast Guard Cable ship Pequot during World War II.  It describes the design and construction of several sisterships to the Pequot - a ship that undertook the vital harbor defense cable-laying program along the eastern seaboard of the USA. Our main page for the USCG Pequot provides extra details about the ship, its crew, its purpose as well as links to our other Pequot pages. Research and design by by Chip Calamaio and Richard Walding.


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6 hours ago, The Gipper said:

Isn't the Pequot the name of the ship destroyed by Moby D-i-c-k?

You are correct!

And I found out there were ships named Pequot in the Civil War and WWII also and this unusual story:

In 1634, Pequot Indians captured a vessel commanded by English trader John Stone at the mouth of the Connecticut River. They killed him in retaliation for the death of a Pequot leader. It was the only time in Stone’s life he could be considered innocent.

Stone was an independent trader who worked the New England coast. The Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony reviled him for his rowdy ways, which included excessive drinking, blasphemy, bullying and sleeping with married women. He was, however, from a well-connected British family (a cousin was governor or Maryland). So rather than punish Stone, the Puritans banned him on penalty of death should he return.

As a freelancer, Stone was half trader and half pirate, traveling between England, America and the Indies wreaking havoc as he went. He was, at one point, even accused of cannibalism. He kidnapped Indians and forced them to guide his ship and wasn’t above trying to sell them. His actions were an offense to both the Indians and the colonists, who needed Indian trade....... CONTINUED IN LINK. ........



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