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The Gipper

Highest Grossing Films, Adjusted for Inflation

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Highest-grossing films adjusted for inflation as of 2016[33]RankTitleWorldwide gross
(2016 $)[Inf]Year

1Gone with the Wind $ 3,640,000,000 1939

2Avatar $3,196,000,000 2009

3TitanicT $3,026,000,000 1997

4Star Wars $2,989,000,000 1977

5The Sound of Music $2,503,000,000 1965

6E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial $2,444,000,000 1982

7The Ten Commandments $2,314,000,000 1956

8Doctor Zhivago $2,193,000,000 1965

9Jaws $2,145,000,000 1975

10Star Wars: The Force AwakensTFA $2,103,000,000 2015

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9 hours ago, JPPT1974 said:

Seen seven of those movies!

I have seen them all.....the original Star Wars probably a hundred times!!

I have absolutely no desire to ever see Dr. Zhivago again...it bores me stiff. 

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