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POLL: When will Baker start?

[Poll] When will Baker start?  

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  1. 1. When will Baker make his first start?

    • Weeks 1-4
    • Weeks 5-8
    • Weeks 9-13
    • Weeks 14-17
    • 2019

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3 hours ago, syd said:

nah man you were right from day one when i first starting posting here,hugh is and was a clown

He was actually responding to a call to duty by the Browns!! 


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I don't know that baker is a long term answer at qb or 'the' guy going forward for the next decade.  That is certainly tbd. but yeah we need to give him enough action so we sorta know

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Tyrod is definitely better than some people are giving him credit for, I really believe that. There are a couple of situations that propel Baker into the starting lineup, and the one I've been contemplating lately is whether or not Tyrod Taylor will have the ability to throw the ball around the field like our coaches want. 

The mind-blowing thing is, our team might have the best collection of skill position receivers in the game. It's almost comical when you look at last year (especially after Corey was hurt), and when you look at this year. Will Tyrod have the ability to push the ball down the field, take the necessary chances, hit people in stride, and find ways to get our top playmakers the rock in positions to make things happen? 

Obviously I HOPE so, but I'm not sure. Tyrod is beyond careful as a QB, and that can be a strength as well as a hindrance. I have a vision of our offense kicking A LOT of FG's (scary because I DON'T trust our kicker yet) because Tyrod simply won't take chances in the red zone, and again, that can be a good thing. But how many games does our team lose because we get 3 and give up 7? This is the biggest factor (to me) in Baker Mayfield starting earlier than people expect because he's going to trust his accuracy, take the calculated deep shots, and he's historically been able to hit people in stride for copious amounts of YAC. 

If we're losing games, and the coaches are seeing missed opportunities on game film, the Baker Mayfield train will start warming up at the station ASSUMING he's shown mastery of the playbook, the ability to move the offense in practice, and of course the propensity of finishing off drives. Now, if we're losing games and Baker doesn't appear ready, then I don't think we'll see him. Our coaches and front office are pretty stubborn people, and they don't give a crap about external pressure. 

What do I expect to happen? I expect Tyrod to play like Tyrod. He's now surrounded by the best weapons he's ever had, probably by a giant margin. When you talk about Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Duke Johnson, David Njoku, Corey Coleman, Seth Devalve, and possibly Antonio Callaway as receiving threats, you're talking about guys that create mismatch problems for the defense, and guys that excel at operating at different parts of the field. I expect Tyrod to have similar numbers to the last couple years, but I do expect them to be slightly better because I think we'll be down in the score more often than not, causing us to pass more, and I think Tyrod's numbers will organically improve based on the talent on the field. 

Again, there are several factors that could propel Baker Mayfield onto the field earlier than some might think, and one of the top reasons could be Tyrod's inability to distribute the ball to our vast array of playmakers. If we're punting too much, settling for too many FG's, and our coaches are seeing too many missed opportunities, then I believe the Baker timetable will be moved up exponentially. Even if our team is something like 3-5 through the first 8 games, Baker might be tossed out there if he's demonstrating the ability to move the ball effectively in practice compared to the cautious approach practiced by Tyrod. 

To be honest, I think our entire season comes down to defense. It's fun to discuss offense because we drafted a QB #1 overall, and we somehow now have an embarrassment of riches at skill positions, but defense is going to determine whether or not we actually win some games. We were last or close to it in terms of red zone defense, and teams seemingly scored at will when they got close (I think it got a bit better as the season went on, but not much). Can we pressure the QB WITHOUT blitzing? Can we actually create some freaking turnovers? Those 2 things will determine so much of our success, but we can discuss defense on another thread, as in typical Jiggins fashion I've written another novel. 

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