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Westside Steve

Iran hypocrisy

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there was going to be a war with iran, because they were going to go after Israel once and for all.

Their Hezbollah is entrenched in Jordan, and they are entrenched in Syria with the dirty russians.

That is on Israel's northern border.

Then there is the sinai - and it is flooded with terrorists - so much so, that Israel makes raids on them, with Egypt's blessing.

Expect the gov of Jordan to be Iran's target - if they could take over Jordan, they would have Israel surrounded.

  among the terrorists in the Sinai are...isis - which iran is supporting.

The world is headed for war. If action isn't taken to stop it soon, WWIII looks like a possibility.

and we are in this dangerous situation because of obamaos corrupt view of the world, all of us,

and his grandiose view of himself. and russia can't go any further with their grand scheme to get back to the

soviet union control over their whole part of the world.





Look at the map:



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dem socialist rage that every rep president had better go through congress for everything.

but let obamao enter into the iran deal without congress, those same dirtbags are fine with it.

Hypocites and traitors.

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so, Germany does trade with iran.

they want the iran deal.

France has big money selling their airbus airplanes to iran.

they want the iran deal.

The EU is all over trading with Iran.

with dirtbag iran spending the money obaMao the traitor gave them.

etc etc.

stop wwIII now, before it's too late.


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The EU will be funding Iran going to war to destroy Israel once and for all.

Then the European countries will have enabled WWIII.

Greedy fools.

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