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another Soviet Putin doesn't like..."falls" out of apartment building

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yep. Nerve chem weapon poisoning, radiation poisoning, falling out of a hotel room....putin and russia are dangerous players, secretly murdering whenever they feel like it.








Russia can't go much further without going to war with the west. That's what I think. These murders are just setting the stage -

taking out anyone who could have a good idea about what they are going to do next.

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and that is just a precursor to what russia and china see as wwIII being inevitable - because they

want to dominate control and power over the world. and their opportunity to get started became evident

when obaMao was elected president. They took advantage of our weakness, and may very well go for broke and have

their "inevitable war" against us, before Trump and co. can rebuild our military. Or, maybe they will wait to see if a dem can win the next election.

   Trends point to a bad place in the future. Russia and China are going for control.

A great read:


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