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after dirty mueller went after cohen - more Americans see him as political cheap shot artist

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it's backfiring - went way too far. The deep state is engraged, desperate,

and just made one of their biggest mistakes.

It was never about collusion. It was about faked reason to hurt Trump any way possible...

per dirty strzok and his wench mistress's talking about "insurance" in case Trump DID win.


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Meanwhile back at the ranch Trump is tweeting that he did not fire Comey because of the Russia thing. I guess he is either lying now or he lied when he said that to Lester Holt. Either way he's still nothing but a liar. There is one phrase he got right today, the words "con job". He just needs to say it to all his supporters so they know the real truth is right in front of them. He is definitely a doing a "con job", but some are slower on the uptake.

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truth is:

A. Trump had been considering firing dirty comey for some time.

B. He actually fired him over rosenstein's reference memo that badly criticized dirty comey.


C. Of course, it's also true he was "considering the russian thing" when he fired him, over all the objections over poltiics and if that would be impeding the moeller farce investigation.

But he didn't fire him over the russian thing because it would have NO EFFECT at all on the investigation, and it was rosenstein that appointed mueller.

but go ahead and delight in liberal false narratives, Tex.


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