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Canton Dawg

These Helmets were spotted in Berea today

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5 hours ago, hoorta said:

Damn, I hate it when that booger is right again. :lol: In this case MHO is it's the right move. Allen at #1 will make me as POed as taking Manziel or Kizer did.


A report comes out that says there is a power struggle in Berea that Dorsey is losing - in which Dorsey is not going to get his way and be able to draft Josh Allen.

Yet Ghoolie guaranteed that the Browns are going to draft Lamar Jackson.

And there's people on here who think Ghoolie was right. 

Some of you deserve Ghoolie, I swear. 

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On 4/5/2018 at 6:18 PM, Canton Dawg said:

So apparently these were spotted in Berea. Anyone wanna guess who’s signature this is?



God bless America! Based on the thread title, I thought we were going to get a preview of Dee’s next abominations.

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