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The Gipper

Rival League?

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Just like the rival?  leagues that are cropping up in Football....I see no reason why there should not be a rival league to the NBA.    Something more than just a D or G Developmental league.

It could have teams in cities that are not currently NBA cities, possibly under this type of arrangement of a dozen teams that would incorporate some good local rivalries

Western Division:

Vancouver,   Seattle.....these cities are less than 150 miles apart

 San Diego,  Las Vegas,

 Kansas City, St. Louis.....an obvious rivalry being in the same state.

Eastern Division:

Pittsburgh,  Cincinnati,  Baltimore....the AFC North rivalry to be brought into basketball

 Raleigh,  Norfolk,


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Based on the total fuc k job in game 1  Lebron should tell the NBA to suck it and go to the European league. Worst Shmucking Sheet I've ever seen. Game 2 officiating wasn't much better. Hell Tom Brady was tweeting the games were fixed. 

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