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The Gipper

Big Ten Rules Wrestling

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The NCAA Wrestling Championship was held this past weekend....at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.   The Big Ten ruled.  Final standings:

1. Penn State....edged out OSU

2. Ohio State

3. Iowa

4.  Michigan tied

4. NC State tied

6. Missouri

7. Cornell

8. Va. Tech

9. Nebraska

10 AZ St.

11. Rutgers

12. South Dakota St.

13. Illinois ties

13. Oklahoma St. tied

15. Lehigh

So....the Top 4  were Big Ten teams.   5 of the top 10.   7 of the top 15....Big Ten

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So much for the Midwest centered B1G.

The only thing I have against wrestling is that they do get some potentially good football players. The ones that crossover from wrestling or even basketball tend to do well in football. 


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