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Jose Ramirez Triple Play

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9 hours ago, wargograw said:

Is there no film of this anywhere?


GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- Jose Ramirez looked to be the only person inside Goodyear Ballpark who immediately realized what he had pulled off Sunday afternoon. The crowd was buzzing as they discussed the play that unfolded in front of them and it took a few moments before the umpires let Cleveland's fielders return to the dugout.

In the sixth inning of a 5-4 loss to the Brewers, Ramirez swiftly recorded a pair of outs to ignite a unique triple play with the bases loaded, providing the highlight of Cleveland's split-squad games against Milwaukee and Kansas City. The three outs were recorded so fast that manager Terry Francona quipped the Indians could have notched four on the play.

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It was not a STO TV game, thought it might surface somewhere.

........Then in March 6; 10; 11; 17, 18, 21, 27 for 10 ST TV games.  Most all on radio and only off 3/13 and 20, so there you go. ;)

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