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Soldier recovers after losing all four limbs

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In earlier wars he would have died on the battlefield. Amazingly courageous young man!! Robotics is changing everything. I had a good friend many years ago who worked for Military Order of the Purple Heart who lost his dominant arm and shoulder in Vietnam and all they could do in the 70s/80s was give him a false arm. I now wonder if they have been able to replace that with something similar to what this young man is getting.

Thanks DieHard for finding and posting this.

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What courage and heart !

I had my finger operated on - damaged cuticle whatever...

...by a surgeon who reattached a young woman's severed hand beautifully. He's famous in these parts.

The technology just keeps getting more fascinating all the time. God Bless this soldier and all the rest of them.

Makes my artificial knee surgery seem so trivial.

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