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I'm pretty sure there are others better connected to this than I, but I'm not seeing anything on it, plus the fact this is supposed to possibly kick off Saturday I'm posting this in it's own thread.


(1) This video says that the war to overthrow the mullahs will begin on Saturday, March 3, 2018, Iranian time.

(2) The caption says the following:

"Before the war on Saturday, [here is] the [movie] trailer of the Iranian volcano blast, [which] we need to bring to the attention of the mullahs."
(3) Now, previously, there was a cryptic, undated video that was published.

(4) "The event you will receive on Wednesday in Syria will be decisive / on behalf of the Iranian people."
(5) That video was made public on February 22, 2018, but nothing happened on a Wednesday AFTER the video surfaced.

What if the video was made LONG BEFORE February 22, 2018?
(7) Here's Lt. Gen. Jeffrey L. Harrigian, Commander, U.S. Air Forces Central Command, Southwest Asia.

Listen to him describe the attack.

(8) F-15 multi-role fighters, MQ-9 Reaper armed drones, B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers, AC-130 gunships, AH-64 Apache helicopter gunships, and US Marine Corps ground artillery.

To stop a battalion.
(9) The commander of our entire forces in the region gave the briefing.
(10) As one of the Russian survivors said, "They made their point."

I think THIS is the Wednesday event that was forecast by the mystery Iranian video.
(12) The unit that attacked the Americans in Syria was Russians AND Iranians.

So Russia will not do anything to defend the mullahs NOW.

We sent in strategic bombers!

I'm stunned.
(13) Remember: Trump said this. DXOuOhYU0AAiz73.jpg
(14) Here's what I think happened:

Multiple people on our side are in contact with the Iranian armed forces.

There wasn't a REASON IN THE WORLD for them to trust us.

You know why?
(16) "On February 15, 1991, four weeks into Operation Desert Storm, President George H.W. Bush, using identical language twice encouraged 'the Iraqi military and the Iraqi people to take matters into their own hands and force Saddam Hussein, the dictator, to step aside.'"
(17) The Iraqis thought that we would help them.

We didn't, and they were slaughtered.

About 80,000 Shia and Kurds were killed, a death toll HIGHER than the Iraqi army suffered in Desert Storm.
(18) The entire region stopped trusting us after that.

So I think THIS TIME, Trump showed the Iranians that we will help them.

We utterly obliterated a Russian-Iranian unit in Syria.
(19) I think our allies in contact with the Iranian armed forces told them, "Watch what happens on Wednesday."

So NOW, the Iranians know that Trump can be trusted.

We set up the Russians and annihilated them. Without mercy.
(21) As my brother said, blowing the hell out of the Russians in Syria was a "good-faith gesture" for the Iranians.
(22) In 1991, the United States was still the center of the universe.

Here are the relevant passages from that piece about the Iraqi uprisings:
(23) "The Bush administration provided no assistance to the uprisings, fearing, variously, the 'Lebanonization of Iraq,' Iranian-backed Shias assuming power in Baghdad and more U.S. soldiers dying in 'another Vietnam,' as then-Secretary of State James Baker described it."
(24) "The Bush administration also actively restrained the uprisings by refusing to provide captured Iraqi weapons or munitions stockpiles to the insurgents, but rather chose to destroy them, return them to the Iraqis, or transfer them to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan."
(25) Bush and Baker are VERY Old School.

In THEIR worldview, the US makes all the decisions.

Trump is the polar opposite.
(26) Trump will HELP those who help themselves.

ONLY if they ask.
(27) Trump will not START something that will spiral out of control and result in massive unforeseen consequences.

So THAT is why we blew the hell out of the Russians.
(28) The Iranian armed forces demanded--VERY REASONABLY--that we prove to them that we're not going to abandon them when they rise up.

We used STRATEGIC BOMBERS on the Russians!

Can't get any more fearless than that.
(29) The Russians simply covered it up.

And NOW I think the region trusts us.

Or rather, they trust @realDonaldTrump...
(30) ADDENDUM: For what it's worth.

I'm in no position to agree or disagree.

I just translated the caption on the original video... DXO8J-3VoAAdCtr.jpg
(31) ADDENDUM TWO: Just to be clear:

The Iranian VIDEO says that the war to overthrow the mullahs will begin Saturday.

MY OWN POSITION is that the mullahs and Hezbollah will be taken out simultaneously, date unknown.
(32) BUT I'm now convinced that the destruction of the Russian-Iranian unit in Syria on Wednesday, February 7, 2018, was a message sent to the Iranians and everybody in the region that we won't abandon them.
(33) Trump WILL support those who ask for help.

We will never again betray those who thought they could rely on us...
(36) The B-52 Stratofortresses flew 1000 miles from Qatar, and the AC-130s flew 1600 miles from Djibouti. DXPUunXU0AAFuFA.jpg
(37) Der Spiegel and the Russians are lying.

AND it was a set-up.

The B-52s and AC-130s were already on station when the Russians attacked.
(38) From a Russian survivor:

"They knew we were coming."


We TRICKED YOU into coming...

(41) Note that YouTube has NOT removed a video that shows a man setting himself on fire to protest the regime.
(42) The removal of the video would seem to indicate that we're on the verge of regime change in Iran.

Trump had two important phone conversations in the past few days.

With the Deputy Commander of the UAE Armed Forces. DXPe2grVQAApEnr.jpg
(43) And a phone call with the Saudi Defense Minister. DXPfHqnV4AAC2pt.jpg
(44) YouTube's censorship is a lie.

Therefore I conclude that the video IS real, and that regime change in Iran is imminent... DXPgJ-GU8AEKTNx.jpg


With new Leadership (USA), this may well now be something more plausible - I know past Regimes would have hymned & hawed.

Original date for this to happen was 3/3/18, but addendums suggest it could be 3/13/18.


One more thing to put on your Radar for the month of March.





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Wow, I see the Youtube Nazi's have been hard at work - I've even seen then take down a comment video against the Gun grabber activists this morning already.

Truth hurts their cause too much, have to keep the propaganda flowing   .   .   .



So this obviously didn't take place on the dates put forth.


Total BS narrative ?

Disinfo campaign ?

Change of plans ?


Hard to tell what's really going on in Iran, lot's of censorship, though I still do see an occasional protest blurb.


To be perfectly honest, I just haven't had much time to dig into the Iran issue, we've got way more problems here than I can keep up with.


So why resurrect this ?

Well, while looking into other matters I've run across some interesting bits that totally flew under the Radar that looks to have been (intentionally ?) missed, which are related to this.




A bit of a surprise to me, I wasn't aware that there was such rivalry between the two Countries.


Add to this, it seems we had a visitor this past week that nothing much was even said about.




Say what ?


Raise your hand if you knew about this - I sure didn't.

Saudi Arabia & Israel - Wow.

Things are changing between these two Countries, SA is actually now allowing Israeli Commercial flights to fly over their Country (saving lots of flight time).


What does this have to do with Iran ?

Well, it seems we also need to throw in the Omnibus Bill that was just passed   .   .   .   long read incoming to fit the pieces together.

This actually fits a lot of other interesting pieces together from the past few weeks as well :


(2) Final sentence:

"Assiri was with the crown prince in the states last week where they got Trump's support for the offensive against Iran, for their operation in Yemen and the rest."
(3) "Offensive against IRAN."

So regime change in Iran is on.
(4) Our military must now train like maniacs.

We'll be working closely with the Iranians and their Arab allies.

THAT is why we wiped out the Russian unit in Syria.

We had to show the Iranians that we're serious.
(5) Trump is slapping China with all sorts of penalties.


Because we don't need their help in dealing with North Korea.
(6) H. R. McMaster is an expert on North Korea.

In April and September of 2017, the USS Jimmy Carter returned to port flying the Jolly Roger, indicating the successful completion on combat missions. DZFnvr1XkAAUEHI.jpg
(7) The Carter patrols the Pacific and specializes in inserting and removing special-warfare units.
(8) Trump has agreed to a face-to-face meeting with Kim Jong-un.

ALL American presidents refused to do so, because that would show Asia that we consider North Korea an equal.
(9) Everything adds up: We've destroyed the North Korean nuclear capabilities.

And now Trump is reaching out.
(10) We used Rods From God.

(12) So North Korea has surrendered.

McMaster resigned, because he won.

Now he goes back to the army.
(13) Enter John Bolton, a guy who has balls of steel.

Regime change in Iran will require balls of steel.

Ergo, John Bolton.
(14) Trump wrote this. DZFqO1TWkAAH3Uv.jpg
(15) That means the mullahs will be gone by September.

Also Hezbollah.
(16) There's talk that Trump will use funds from the omnibus to build the border wall.

Well, I suppose it's possible, but the wall pales into nonexistence compared to everything else that Trump is accomplishing.
(18) Since wall-heads are never satisfied, and since they're angry no matter what, my guess is that Trump has something ELSE up his sleeve.

Before the midterms, I think we're going to learn a hell of a lot about Democrat criminality.

On a level that nobody anticipated.
(19) Trump will GO THERE.
(20) Trump sent this message to the Iranians. DZFr6UMXcAELE9_.jpg
(21) Thus, as I always knew, Trump has everything under control.

He used the wall to distract.

We've defeated North Korea in combat. They've surrendered.
(22) The mullahs and Hezbollah are next on the assembly line.

Or DIS-assembly line.
(23) Best president in American history.
(24) When you see the big picture, you don't let pissant bloggers and pundits get you down...
(25) ADDENDUM: I forgot to add this:

In September--after the mullahs are gone--Trump will have the giant showdown with the swamp.

THAT'S when he'll veto everything until they give him what he wants.
(26) He hasn't done it YET, because we needed this time to prepare for regime change in Iran...


(27) ADDENDUM TWO: I got yer wall! HERE!



(28) That piece is from July 19, 2017. "And at the end of a long and exhausting day (and story), that means Pentagon money can be used to construct a border wall."


(29) Thus we have THIS:



(30) "President Trump said Friday that construction of his promised border wall would start 'immediately' after signing the omnibus spending bill, which included $1.6 billion in funding for the wall."


(31) "'We're going to be starting work literally on Monday,' Trump said during an event Friday at the White House. 'We have a lot of money coming to the border.'"


(32) Yup! I told you: When Democrats gloat, it means they're about to get reamed. For ONCE, Republicans played the game the way Democrats do. HA...



Interesting take, and yet another view on things.


Can't say I'm crazy about getting involved in Regime change in another Country, but Iran + Nukes is very unappealing.

This also seems to be more in support of the Iranian people versus the corrupt powers in charge, as well as supporting others and not necessarily leading the charge, though I'm pretty sure we'll have a lead role.


Kind of changes some time lines in other areas too if valid.


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Natives are still restless, and I can't blame them, their Currency just collapsed with Inflation running over 50%.


I expect this to be addressed before Veterans day this year   .   .   .   best I can do on what I've read.



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3 hours ago, FairHooker11 said:

well - this has been "on hold" since 2009

when Barry pretty much turned his back on them....


Yep, and you know who was in charge was not going to do anything.


New Chief running things now.

Could well be that us wiping out that Iranian & Russian Merc force a few months back was the proof that things are different now - as the Wictor post explained.




Lack of coverage doesn't mean things aren't going on.





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Ahhhh, so this where he fits into the scheme of things.




Paints a different picture.



Things are brewing   .   .   .  







Wonder what the odds of that Uranium shipment being from the U1 deal (via Russia / Rosatum) ?



Guess the odds are pretty good.


The Sum of All Fears   .   .   .  



I have another article I may follow up with on this topic later if I don't get too tied up - it's a bit long but a good one.


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Huge incoming Wictor thread.


(1) @submx8ch points this out. DctgxMKWkAAIMH0.jpg
(2) We can all speak frankly.

It's too early for MOST of the Middle East to accept the changes.

So Iran is trying to force Israel to attack Syria in force, thus rallying the region.

It happened in 2006.
(3) All of Lebanon turned on a dime and supported Hezbollah.

Arabs have a saying:

"I against my brother, my brother and I against our cousin, my brother and cousin and I against the world."
(4) Lebanon was the most westernized of Arab nations.

Didn't matter.

They slaughtered each other for 15 years, based SOLELY on sectarianism.
(5) When Israel attacked Hezbollah in 2006, Hezbollah's Lebanese enemies instantly switched sides and supported Hezbollah.

It's like people pounding their own heads with hammers and saying, "Ha-ha! That fixed YOU, didn't it?"
(6) So there is not a CHANCE that Israel will attack Syria in force.

(10) Repeat with 40+ countries.

None of them went to Yemen.

They went to Syria and Iraq.
(11) Is THIS guy in Iraq an Arab?

(12) He's a Malaysian. DctlDScWsAETdR9.jpg
(13) Jaysh al-Thuwar in Syria.

Syrian Arabs.

They have no outside support, yet they've won every single battle they've fought since October of 2015.

How many black Syrians are there?
(14) Jaysh al-Thuwar.

Look at the guy hiding from the camera.

He's Asian.

(15) Grey-haired "soldier" in Iraq.

Every time he spoke, they censored his voice.

Not an Arab, and he ran like the wind, despite his age.
(16) Iraqi Major-General Najim al-Jibouri, greeting a soldier.
(17) Iraqi colonel (with radio) given the adab by two soldiers.

They ran across the street under fire, carrying their rifles in their right hands, so they used their left hands.
(19) They trained 350,000 men as strategic commandos.

That is mind boggling.

A force like that could topple the mullahs in one day.

But that's not the goal.
(20) These men will annihilate the Iranians and Hezbollah and Shi'te Foreign Legion who try to draw Israel in a major conflict.

THAT is what they were trained to do.

And THAT is why Israel cleared minefields from the Golan Heights.
(21) Thousands--maybe TENS of thousands--of strategic commandos went into Syria through Israel.

They've also gone into Lebanon.

Are Assad and Nasrallah going to ANNOUNCE this?

(22) "Hoist on your own petard" means "blown up by your own bomb."

The mullahs have been hoist on their own petard.

They can't admit to anything that's happening.
(23) So sit back and watch.

It's going to be amazing...
(24) ADDENDUM: By the way, WE'RE doing the same thing as the Gulf Cooperation Council.

(25) The man on the right is not American.
(26) We're told that THIS guy is an American Green Beret.
(27) Please.

We know where he's from. DctvsHyWAAIeIZb.jpg
(28) The old way of fighting wars is obsolete.

Soon war itself will be obsolete...
(29) ADDENDUM TWO: Always download videos from YouTube, because eventually all good accounts are deleted.

My favorite adviser in Iraq. He smiles until he notices the camera.
(30) The filming stopped.

Later we saw the adviser alone with the Iraqi commander...
(31) ADDENDUM THREE: The Malayian Army Aviation (PUTD) refused to comment on why it painted its AugustaWeyland AW 109 light attack helicopters in a desert camouflage scheme.

Standard scheme above, desert scheme below... Dct64pxXUAAIYMq.jpg


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The above is the basis of this.




And this.




The way things are moving, I would not be surprised to see things transpire this way.



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I have so much today, that I'm spinning this off to here, where it belongs anyway.










Something popped up about Syria as well, haven't had time to look into it among everything else going on.



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