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The Gipper

Team of the Decade 2010s

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I forgot to do this after the baseball season....so I will catch up on it here, now.

This is the calculation of the Team of the Decade of the 2010s in Major League Baseball.

Note on Methodology:  As with the NFL....here I  assess points to each team that makes the playoffs in any given year.  The Team that wins the World Series receives 10 points.   The WS loser gets 6 points.  The losers of the League Championship series get 3 pts.  All other playoff participant receive one point.  I then accumulate the point received by each team for all years of the decade.  In this case from 2010 to 2017.  We are 8/10th through this decade.  So, here are the accumulated points for each team so for in the 2010s:

SF  Giants   31 points

St. Louis Cardinals  23 pts.

Chicago Cubs 16 pts.

Kansas City Royals 16 pts. 

LA Dodgers 14 pts.

Texas Rangers 14 pts

Detroit Tigers  13 pts.

Boston Red Sox 12 pts.

Houston Astros 11 pts.

NY Yankees  11 pts.

Cleveland Indians  8 pts.

NY Mets  7 pts

Toronto Blue Jays  6 pts. 

Baltimore Orioles 5 pts. 

Phillies  4 pts.

Nationals  4 pts.

Tampa Bay Rays  3 pts.

Brewers  3 pts.

Oakland A.  3 pts

Pitt. Pirates  3 pts.

Cincinnati Reds  2 pts

Atlanta Braves  2 pts

Minnesota Twins  2 pts.

Diamondbacks  2 pt.s.

LA Angels   1 pt.

Colo. Rockies  1 pt.

Mariners  -0-

White Sox  -0-

Marlins -0-

Padres -0-

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Previous Teams of the Decades:

2000s  NY Yankees 40 pts   Runnersup:   Red Sox  31 pts, Cardinals 27 pts.

1990s  Atlanta Braves 37 pts.  Runnersup:  Yankees 32 pts, Indians 17 pts. 

1980s  LA Dodgers 26 pts.  Runnersup:  Cardinals 22 pts,  Royals 20 pts

1970s  Cincinnati Reds 38 pts.  Runnersup: Oakland As  36 pts. Orioles 28 pts

1960s  NY Yankees 38 pts.  Runnersup: Dodgers and Cardinals  26 pts each

1950s NY Yankees 72 pts. Runnersup: Dodgers 38 pts.  Braves and Giants 16 pts.

1940s  NY Yankees 46 pts. Runnersup: Cardinals 36 pts, Tigers 16 pts.

1930s NY Yankees 50 pts.  Runnersup: Cardinals 26 pts.  Giants 22 pts

1920s NY Yankees 48 pts  Runnersup: Giants 32 pts   3 teams tied with 16 pts

1910s  Boston Red Sox  40 pts.  Runnersup: Philadelphia As  36 pts, NY Giants 24 pts

1900s Chicago Cubs 26 pts.  Runnersup: Tigers 18 pts, Pirates 16 pts. 

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NY YANK$ the best team money can buy decade after decade. 1946-1964 just one example. 

........except the somewhat brief Seinfeld, Donnie Baseball, bad Steinbrenner era.

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I see the INDIANS got a 3rd place mention in the 1990s, hooray!

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