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CFL's most outstanding player moonlights as teller? NFL overpaid?

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12 minutes ago, The Gipper said:

I don't think that is the one they are talking about though.

It was meant in Jest , None the less...

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On 2/5/2018 at 12:07 AM, hoorta said:

Foles= overrated. great backup on a great team. 


On 2/5/2018 at 9:23 AM, The Gipper said:

Which Westlake are you talking about.  The one on the West side of Cuyahoga Co....or one in Texass?


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On 2/3/2018 at 1:09 PM, Tour2ma said:

Bethea played in the 70's... I'd be surprised if he had to "moonlight" to make ends meet.

Off-season jobs out of necessity were common in the 50's.... were still a thing in the 60's. I wonder when they died off...

One of the last "working" Browns that comes to mind is Paul Warfield. IIRC he worked for a car dealership trading his celebrity for learning the business.

I happened to see the Arena League players, wow those guys now all have to moonlight. They are paid per game!

OH JUST stumbled into the AFL salaries, Australian Football League, they don't if they want. $xxx,xxx salaries. 

Arena .......Before the league was reset in 2010, salaries were competitive. The league minimum for players was $31,000, though six-figure contracts weren’t uncommon, pushing the average salary near $80,000.

Now, under a single-entity model where players sign contracts with the league, they make $830 a game — $775 for rookies, with quarterbacks earning an extra $250 per start. To offset the meager salaries, players are given three meals a day and have the option of renting an apartment provided by the team, and often arranged by the coach, for $600 per month.

About half of the players on the Soul supplement their income with a second job, while all but two or three have assistance with housing. Around the league, players have been known to work as bouncers at nightclubs or personal trainers at local.......

........The AFL Players Association negotiates for players with the AFL on the topic of average salary. In June 2017, the AFL and AFL Players Association agreed to a new CBA deal which resulted in a 20% increase in players salary. The six-year deal, which begins in 2017 and ends in 2022 means that the average player wage rises from $309,000 to $371,000 and the player salary cap from $10.37m to $12.45m. In 2022, the final year of the agreement, the average player wage will be $389,000 with a salary cap of $13.54m.......... :o

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Unless you are very well compensated you better love to play professional football even semi pro, you can get permanently hurt!

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