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Westside Steve

Why I won't review all the money

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All the money in the world
The following is my own opinion and not necessarily the views of The Voice or the Browns board management or ownership. 
I believe Kevin Spacey is one of the best actors alive, so when I found out that his scenes in this film were removed  and reshot with Christopher Plummer weeks before release I decided not to waste my time. (I won’t waste my time on the final season of House of Cards either) I'm not a big fan of boycotts but I am truly disgusted when anyone’s life career or reputation can be destroyed by unproven innuendo and  even more disgusted when the press, who should be our arbiter of truth and fairness, rolls with these allegations for no other reason then pure greed, regardless of proof. I believe in innocent until proven guilty regardless of the target of any of today’s witch hunts, Republican, Democrat gay, straight or anything else. 
If you remember the story of Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle America’s most famous silent comedian, accused in the Press by an unscrupulous gossip columnist of raping and murdering a starlet. His career was ruined and even though eventually the charges shown to be untrue it was too late. The retraction never reaps the prominence of the accusation.
In a perfect world anyone  accused should fight to the end and those who made the spurious claims (and especially those who profited from printing them) should face severe consequences.

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