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Three Little Liepigs - deep state attitudes - fake complain about Trump

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well, that's how I see it. I mean, one of them had the complaint that Trump LOOKED AT WOMEN, CHECKED THEM OUT VISUALLY

while being part of a pageant.


another one of the three is SEVENTY FIVE YEARS OLD !!! but sure, she "remembers" about Trump kissing her...what... 37 whatever YEARS AGO???

    The deep state is outraged that they lost, and OUR PRESIDENT WON. This is getting out of hand. The old soviet kgb couidn't have manufacted crap phonier or malicious to ruin somebody than this crap. So, for 38 years it was fine, but now all of a sudden, her "memory" kicks in, and based on zero evidence except their new willingness to lie to exact revenge for Trump winning...

what a crock of crap.


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Anyone thinks that Trump would’ve banged any of those 3 pigs needs an eye exam.

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