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Let's see if the NRA defends these gun owner's rights too...

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3 hours ago, calfoxwc said:

There are plenty of pain medications that don't make you stoned while taking them.I took one oxycotin sp? when I got my new knee - and I gave the rest of them back to my physician -they are addictive so I am against taking more than one. But he grinned and said there weren't enough in there to do that - but it's the principle of the thing.

   I never smoked pot so I have no idea what that does to you alert/judgement wise. But smoking it all day would be likedrinking all day? Then those guns you may own had best be locked up and never taken out.

  It's tragic to have a terminal illness - but give the guns to a trusted favorite responsible relative or friend. Always smoking dope

means your judgement is always impaired? same as a felony conviction - you lose your gun rights out of gross irresponsibility.

  Always impaired - why be allowed to keep your guns handy? I can see requiring them to be in someone else's home and handed down

to relatives/friends.

As someone with exp with alcohol and marijuana, i mean i wouldnt want someone on the range next to me to be stoned...fir sure. But not because id be worried about him being violent, but because if ur stoned u might forget to lock that slide back on ur way back to the bench. Or some kind of lapse like that. If a guy was drunk off his a ss next to me id be very concerned about sone kind of outburst or some kind of look at me i can fire this gun between my legs and be on target type of move. 

Weed makes u mellow, "very" mellow. Ur not interested ib handling a firearm while high....."in my exp". But like i said, i wouldnt want anybody operating a firearm inebriated or high.

im sure tho theres laws governing the use of firearms while intoxicated, right? Why dont those apply?

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