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Gronkowski assault

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2 hours ago, miktoxic said:

wake the f.u.c.k. up and read my posts.......u read this and think i condone any violent acts? 

what is more disturbing is people like you that can't read, research or comprehend. thanks nancy pelosi! it's armageddon!!

meanwhile he's still in hospital. there's ur fake friggin news.


haters gonna hate. show me highlight reel of gronk's dirty plays throughout the years tour.

until you get kicked in ur doopa 10 times or stepped on with cleats blatantly 10x or someone in your family does, god forbid, how could you even think to say you know how someone else feels? you and i would be suiting up in black ninja clothes and steamrolling SUH leaving work in the dark.

do you know why hand to hand combatants stand facing each other in profile mode? do you know why the smart men sit with their backs to the wall knowing there might be assholes that can't control themselves? do you know why a 5'5" oriental man can get away with slamming teenagers faces into blue gym mats teaching us judo and akido with blood consequences, yet well accepted by parents who don't have time to care?

yeah, didn't think so.

get back to me when you know all firing positions of long rifles, how to gear up after nuke and save ur friends life, survive in the black forest for 6 months watching a cold war wall or just be a guy that stops someone from killing you with whatever but paying physical liabilities urself for the rest of ur life with scars and bone.

Mik, you have fallen off the deep end. Take your meds, and stop taking the NFL so seriously. Dealing with personal harassment, threats of violence and attacks is different than the garbage you are talking about. If, as you say, Gronks opponents were bullying him, and breaking the rules, there are cameras, officials, opposing coaches and the media to observe it.

You are without foundation on this. There is no sympathy appropriate for Gronk. If you want to watch vigilante football, go ahead, but you will sitting in a largely empty stadium and all those wonderful accoutrements that are funded by mass fan support will soon evaporate.

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On 12/7/2017 at 5:28 AM, boo fagley said:

It was.

Browns fans used to be tough guys. Look at them on here crying with Ghoolie of all people acting as spokesperson for the grievance against humanity. 

He realized this was a black culture thing and decided he hated it. 

On 12/7/2017 at 6:02 AM, miktoxic said:

He was already on ground. It’s not like came off the third rope and did the rock elbow or the macho man arm band blast ‘brother’ on the dude.

Exactly. I was expecting a wrestling move. This thing was tame.

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