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Best places to Eat in Vegas - Not Football Related - So What?

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15 hours ago, Ghoolie said:

Some of the hookers you were talking to, in fact, most of them in the strip casinos, were cops, not hookers. Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas and while the constant influx of new girls makes cataloging them all pretty impossible, Vegas really does a good job of keeping that to a minimum. Those girls that sit down next to you in the Casino and ask you "would you like company" are looking to arrest you. And, no, it is not entrapment for them to do that.

However, there are a lot of hookers on the street for sure, not as many as one would think, but nonetheless, it is all part of the Vegas Christmas experience. I hope you had fun. There is no place on Earth that I would rather be. Can't get enough of it.

if they tried to get to cozy I just told them i was a local and for what ever reason it really pissed em off ;)

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