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Story time . . . Swamp draining ( . . . )

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I haven't seen anything about any Marches.


I've seen and posted about the "strike" on that day, but that would infer a "hole up", and don't go out.



Rumors that they want a big event / FF that day as another Gun grab excuse.


Keep away would be my advice, the Jan 6 FF has fallen apart, but that doesn't mean the folks they grabbed have been released (or even charged) yet.



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So someone else (Blue Check) confirmed they did same & same results.


MSM freaked, so now :




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Just now, JAFBF said:



So someone else (Blue Check) confirmed they did same & same results.


MSM freaked, so now :





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22 hours ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:









Just because you don't like it, doesn't make it untrue.


You have no idea how sick I am of this $hit.


You have no idea how many things much worse I can post about this   .   .   .   do I need to post those items as well ?



This is quite tame :




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Probably nothing good today.






Just went to the Grocery with my wife this morning, quite a few shelves empty in different departments.


Yes, it's going to be a different picture around the Nation, but besides even that, prices are starting to go crazy.



Odd tidbit for folks, Chicken prices per pound are going crazy.

What's really weird about that is that the Chicken (and Pork, etc) we produce, goes to China, before returning to U.S. for us to purchase.


Do ya''ll think that is normal / secure for the food supply of the U.S., not counting all the excessive destruction of Crops going on around the Country ?

Especially for a Country we are at WAR with (still undisclosed to the Public) ?



Personally, I've been stocking up the last few months as I've suggested ya'll too do as well.

I doubt I have have enough on hand too outlast what it looks like what is coming, but the wife/family/storage space is really starting too question my foresight.


Yea, I may well be an absolute Mad Man screaming into the Wind at this point   .    .   .   things have been delayed well beyond what I expected.

Meanwhile, prices continue to increase at an insane rate for items we normally use.


$6 / $7 per Gallon of Gasoline is quickly heading our way   .   .   .   do I really need too post the insane videos of Producers (Oil) just dumping Oil on the Road too avoid Fines ?

Do you think I'm kidding ?



None of this means I am wrong in what I say is coming.

It sucks, big time, but there is really not a whole lot that can be done other than what I have suggested in the past (food/water/commodities/barter material) .



I will update as best as I can, but Site / info issues will undoubtedly interfere with I can post - and today, there has been a lot.


Get what you can, while you can.

I seriously doubt I have 50-60 followers on this thread - I suspect many are AI bots, and as such, that is a reason for my impaired posting ability.



Really surprised that they (AI) would traverse this obscure thread, but then Computers/AI really have no bounds (Spiders) on what they will assimilate.



Crazy $hit huh ?

Sad, but that is our current reality (and far beyond what I can talk about)   .   .   .   the World is on Fire   .   .   .   no one, three / four years ago could have imagined it, but this is where we are.



It is going too get really ugly   .   .   .   fast.



I don't even know how much longer (besides Site issues) I'll be around.

My Employer had essentially mandated the #Clotshot for Employees   .   .   .   neither I, nor my wife (Nurse), are going to take this Poison.

I know most on here have taken this, but I / my wife will not take this poison.


Laugh / scoff as you will, but you all do not have any idea of what is really in this.


I have had "Vaccines" in the past, but after what I have found researching the last few years, I will never take another "shot" from these Bastards again.

Yea, Tia & Woody are going too have fun with this   .   .   .   long term, I will be correct, in Spades.


Info is coming out on so much right now, it's going too take time for people too assimilate.





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How about something really crazy ?




"Remote Viewing"


Crazy as it sounds, it is something the Alphabet Agencies (See Eye Aye, etc) have actually used over the past several decades.


Recently, these "Remote Viewers" have been seeing Mushroom Clouds for September of this year.


No idea if it means anything, or what it does mean if it even has any significance.



I do have concerns for this Saturday, being the twentieth anniversary of their "Event".



The more people that are aware of possible "Event", the less likely they will go through with it.


Visibility/awareness has in the past diverted FF's (one in Texas posted about here a year or two back).


This is a huge anniversary, need a lot of folk watching for them to pull back on what they have planned.




Yea, I'd rather be labelled the continuing Mad Man than have the calamity they (DS) have planned to go by un - noted.



Crazy ?

Maybe research "Events" on Sept 11 over the last several decades   .   .   .   let me know what you find   .   .   .  


Data point - did you know the Foundation for the Pentagon was on 9 / 11 / 1947   .   .   .   there are quite a few more   .   .   .  



Oh, here's a much better one   .   .   .   the Birth of Christ is actually believed too be 3 B.C. September 11   .   .   . 


Good vs Evil   .   .   .   I wonder who wins   .   .   .  


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But I thought Ivermectin was a "fantasy" drug ?



Wait until you all find out what else this, and other "fantasy" drugs can cure (not just HQC & Ivermection, much more mundane things)   .   .   .  


Big Pharma is going to die ($ $ $ $ $ $ $) :




As posted earlier - sorceries = medication (“pharmacy”), that is, (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): - sorcery, witchcraft

Sorceries = (pharmakeia), translation.



"It's going to be Biblical"   .   .   .  



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Speaking of "mundane drugs" :


Many Dr's will not prescribe the needed drugs for those that become affected with "Covid".

Kind of odd that they would not, but then again, $ $ $ talks   .   .   .   they do get bonuses for % taking the shot   .   .   .  










It's starting too look like Big Pharma (Petroleum based - Rockefeller) isn't really needed for much of anything these days (even Cancer) .


That seems really odd   .   .   .   why would we need these high $  $  $ items / treatments when there are all these cheap cures available ?



Link is definitely worth the read, might even want to grab a stockpile before the FDA bans it (as they are working on with simple supplements).

Yes, they (FDA) really are looking at making supplements / Vitamins too require a Doctors Prescription - I'm sure it's just a safety precaution and nothing too do with Big Pharma / Elitist pressure.


Can anyone imagine why they would do that ?


I mean, they (FDA) faked the approval of the Vaxx = just a Bait & Switch for a drug that is not available, so in short, it's all just an extension of the EUA of the same crap they've been pumping into everyone the last year.


Experimental Trial is still not set to end until 2023, so here again, we see the MSM pushing lies as they have been for years upon years - it's just more obvious now.



Easy too laugh at me for this   .   .   .   until you actually look into things , but if that's your thing - enjoy, let me know if you still believe that next year.


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Everyone dismisses the posts along these lines (Crop destruction) :









When China collapses, how do you think that is going to play out ?




Short of guns, this is where we are heading.


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Things that make you go 🤔







This is the EO Trump put into place on 9/12/2018 in regards to Foreign Election interference, and was set to expire 9/12/2021   .   .   .  


Why would / did OBiden extend this for another year ?




Other bits I don't have time to go into too :


* China violating Taiwan airspace.

* Four Carrier Groups in the South China Sea - multi Nation, not just the U.S. = need to dig into this (big on multiple fronts).





Personnel note :


I've been on Vacation this week, but just prior too that my Employer pretty much posted a "Vaccine" deadline for mid October.

Will not be complying, so Internet may be one of the "Bills" slashed early on, so I may go offline around that time - will see how things play out.

Today's PR BS didn't improve that, but have not checked in to see any updates the past week (will look next week = my time, not theirs).


A lot can happen in a week or so   .   .   .   I worry about Saturday.


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1 minute ago, Gorka said:

OK, but what will become of it?

I expect the same outcome as the Durham investigation. Nothing. 

You forgot the AZ shit..


This country is so fucked..

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Q is some dork who lives in Sapporo, Japan.  And everyone knows Biden is a lizard.


This really is Q:Ronald Watkins pictured from the shoulders up, wearing a gray t-shirt and glasses. He is holding and looking at a cell phone in a black folding case.

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