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Story time . . . Swamp draining (Pucker Factor high)

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21 hours ago, Clevfan4life said:

15 paragraphs.....it took 15 paragraphs to mention Q.


21 hours ago, Clevfan4life said:

15 paragraphs for this....."He taunted believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory,"......



Yeah, all those were just handy and in a 7 day span, there have been a lot of others.


Now GAB, sorta Twitterish but not really.

There isn't the censorship Twitter has imposed, but it's also no where close to as popular (not quite developed enough yet).


Believe they were shut down for a while just prior to the Election - not even sure if it's back up yet.

Not really a way to view what's going on with GAB as far as I'm aware, have tried to look at a few times but never got anywhere.


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8 hours ago, Clevfan4life said:

is it weird for p3 pilots to train sub hunting?


7 hours ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:

Just training no doubt.  Or it could be an ISIS/Chinese/Russian submarine.


Could well be training.


Awful close to shore if it's not one of ours for training.

Being off Broward County was a flag as well.


I'm definitely no expert on classifying the type Sub that is, but it doesn't appear to be one of our top Classes (their towers are more streamlined/larger).

Lot of lesser obvious countries have Subs though, even some non countries has some Subs.


Mainly posted it to show some more (somewhat) odd goings on of late.


I'm not going to have all the answers, but I will post things that may be relevant at another time.



Ya'll realize we're coming up on two weeks since the Election, and it's still not settled ?

That seem "normal" to anyone ?


Hell, we've got Troops on the ground in Haiti right now - anyone reporting that ?




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Too many threads with related topics - I'd post this in a good one, but too many inter-related   .   .   .  





But why ?





What if   .   .   .  


- there are only 10% - 15%   .   .   .  

- the scale is MASSIVE   .   .   .  


   .   .   .   some folks may need to brace themselves   .   .   .  


Seed planted.



Nation wide.


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1 hour ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:

Normally subs who are trying to be undetectable wouldn't surface.  Just saying.

thats 1980's cold war sub tactics old man. these days u reach down grab ur giant balls and blow the ballast......than u get out and walk up and down the deck like so....


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