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Story time . . . Swamp draining (Pucker Factor high)

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More on Dangerous convergences.


Today and this Weekend is a good time to be alert.

Election shenanigans above are trivial to what else is on tap.


Keep tabs on Rosenstein news.

That's "their" Red line trigger, and the 48 hours should be up today/tomorrow.



POTUS is out of the Country, there is a Q drop referencing that POTUS will be "well insulated" when SHTF.

What better insulation than to be aboard AF1 / out of the Country ?


Pence also looks to be going, or is out of the Country as well this Weekend.


I sat on this last night, but have been alluding to it for some time (a lot yesterday), but it seems it could be closer than anticipated.




This actually makes a lot of sense now if she truly has Broken Ribs.

She's going to be medicated and have difficulty breathing and limited movement and will take some time at her age to recover.


So we have :

- Loss of House control

- Retirements/ Arrests


- Rosenstein

- Supreme Court Justice #3 in the wings

- End Catch & Release (Asylum)


What happens if these all (some have) converge this Veterans Day Weekend ?


Bonus 1 :




Bonus 2 :




I've been thinking Feb for things to really start, but there's a high potential for volatility with the way things are lining up.


Tribunal EO goes into effect January, as well as new Congress (may be even newer - Special Elections).


Have seen a report the next 6 months are going to be wild   .   .   .   that's a long time to be on edge, but things have been getting crazier and crazier.




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Follow ups and odd things.




Have heard Ginsberg and Sessions items were not supposed to happen until next week, but were moved up on POTUS orders.


Remember that Plane that was stolen by the Ground Crew guy that did the Barrel Rolls and Loops ?




Is trouble brewing ?





Kind of odd for a News outlet don't you think ?



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22 minutes ago, Clevfan4life said:

did a bunch of vtols land on bullsht mountain?

Too much going on right now for me even to keep up with it all.

If you don't realize POTUS has taken the Glove off   .   .   .  








He's PO'd, he's confident, and $#!+ is breaking all over.


Makings of a very interesting Weekend right now.


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Huh, melted rims, disintegrated Houses, and not too far from the recent mass shooting   .   .   .   but Telephone poles and trees still standing with green leaves.



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At least two posts today here - one I didn't really think would happen today.







This report was never released, I posted this (with more) way back.



This isn't the Pucker Factor today   .   .   .  


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Today, 11/11/18 was a hard date given by Q way back as being a very key date.

As such, and from past experience, I really expected today to be nothing - it may still turn out to be a huge Head fake   .   .   .   it should at least cause the DS Pucker state to ramp up.



Other than regular Q drops, there have additionally been a Q only board(s) where Q is the only one on it and in control.


The first board was "The Great Awakening", and is associated as phase I of "The Plan".

This board was erased some time ago and was replaced with "Patriots Fight", signifying phase II.


Last night a new board was created with a Header picture named "Justice", and the previous board was deleted.

Current belief is that now we are in phase III.


This morning.



The above was posted with "DECAS", deleted, and reposted as "DEC[L]AS".


Debate ongoing for what [L] means :

L = 12

L signifies a person

L is a link marker to another drop

No "L"   ->   Noel (Christmas) ?




Consensus is this is a directive to create a Dashboard for tracking.






POTUS is in transit (over Atlantic) at this time.

VP Pence is on his way to Asia.

Bolton is also out of the Country.


I've  been sitting on this trying to get some indications, have not seen little more than what is posted above.

There are a few anomalies, but I'm not sure they mean anything with all the other issues (Elections, Fires, etc) going on.


Passing along what I have, seems the week could have other interesting things going on as well, there's a ton in the pipeline.



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