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Story time . . . Swamp draining (OIG Report v1.0)

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Draining in effect.

These are not top tier, but it is notable and is definitely higher up than some schmuck on the street.


Last part of this indicates that gears are switching, though I've heard rumor that the really top dogs won't be until 2019 (disappointing if true).



Posted out of sequence (date) for flow continuity.



New sub-board (secured & locked) and Trip code change.





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Slight rewind on some items I missed due to be so freakin' busy.


The way it works :




The EU is/was getting a 5% cut/kickback on this deal, which is why we had the two separate visits from EU Leaders last week (France, the Germany).


What friends huh ?


And while I'm on Iran.






This is not the first time Kerry has stuck his nose in Foreign Policy without authorization - another Logan Act violation I brought up a few months back.





More just popped up.


JK = John Kerry

O & JK traveling World Wide to undermine POTUS.

HRC & BC (wild Bill) doing the same thing.




This is more than Logan Act violation, this is Sedition or possibly even Treason - not that these people are unfamiliar with that anyway.


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A few quick refreshers.

- Clean out the enemy's militia (MS13 / Gangs).

- Take out the "currency" of the enemy (Money Laundering, Trafficking, etc.).

- Restore Law (clean out corrupt Agencies as we see above two posts back firings/resignations).


It does no good to arrest the bigger targets if the corrupt Justice system is just going to release/absolve them.

The items above are being worked on.

It takes time (unfortunately) - yea, I'm impatient too, but I see what's going on.


This is why it seems nothing is being done about Kerry (Logan Act violations) and this (among others) :




And this is why this is happening.


Grand Juries have been seated, that's already been posted where Sessions admitted that.


If Sessions is such a failure, does this make sense ?



In regards to the DOJ stalling/refusing to hand over documentation to Congress.



"Clintoncide" comes to mind.


OIG to testify before Congress this week (tomorrow?), and I believe the OIG report is due this week as well.

Could be a very interesting week.



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Good info, especially the last 10 minutes or so are very good.

Tail end pretty much validates something I said some weeks back.

The date(s) I gave are/were likely off, but they weren't my dates, they were thought to be code crack dates (haven't followed up on that aspect of things.).





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Good info on the picture of things.

Some of these I've recently highlighted.



May need to click on this to enlarge - it was a huge post.


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Not sure how much coverage this is getting.







Something to seriously consider here.

Some time back, Kim Jong Un agreed not to launch any more missiles.

He's ended his Nuclear program and committed to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula - it is being dismantled this month.

Now, he has released the prisoners that have been held.


Does this seem like the typical maneuvers you'd make before sitting down at the negotiations table ?

Kind gave up his big chips already hasn't he ?





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The big chips are the nukes, which I doubt he will ever give up actually.

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1 hour ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:

The big chips are the nukes, which I doubt he will ever give up actually.

I'm not so sure, I think I saw something where he said he was going to do that as well.

It was a couple weeks backs, probably one of the items I didn't post.




= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =   = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 


So this.




Caused this.



And it was the only post.


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North Korea has been bullshitting the world for decades.  I was stationed in Japan and the Far east for many years and can assure you he is full of Sheet.

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13 hours ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:

North Korea has been bullshitting the world for decades.  I was stationed in Japan and the Far east for many years and can assure you he is full of Sheet.

They really do/did have nukes, that's not a question.


Were they full of bluster?

Pretty much, but they do have a sizeable military.


The real point - who was really running NK ?

I've come to suspect that Kim was just a figure head, and his latest actions/behavior seem to lend credence to this.




= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =   = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =







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Friday, always busy - what a week, I'm way behind.


Remember the battle being waged against the DOJ for failure to release some docs, with threat of Impeachment behind them ?

Back around Tuesday a "theory" was dropped as to what was going on   .   .   .



Seems Nunes is content now to wait on these docs.


Ah, here's a familiar face


(Bolding mine)

It's been known for MONTHS there was another agent besides Peter Strzok at the Flynn interview, his name *NEVER leaked*. In over a YEAR. Then Grassley reveals this other agent's name today just before the IG report drops.

Ever since the Strzok/Page text message drama went public last October, it's been known there was another FBI agent present at the Michael Flynn interview on Jan. 24th, 2017.

And the IDENTITY OF THIS OTHER AGENT was carefully guarded, oh so carefully guarded secret. UNTIL NOW.
Remember when I told you Sessions & Horowitz and Huber don't leak ANYTHING?

NOTHING gets out from their investigations. Their hundreds of staff people simply don't LEAK *anything*.
Sessions practically rubbed the DNC Media's face in this fact earlier this year when casually dropped in a Fox interview that he'd appointed a prosecutor who was investigating stuff that Horowitz couldn't act on.

Sessions let the DNC Media twist in the wind desperately trying to find out who it was so they could leak it.

And after about 13 days - almost TWO FULL WEEKS - they had NOTHING.

And then smirkin' Jeff Sessions revealed the prosecutor's name himself in a letter to Congress.
Now try this on for size. Sessions/Horowitz/Huber knew who this other FBI agent at the Flynn interview was over a year ago. They got to him early.


Nobody was allowed to know who it was. No evidence was handed over.
Any text messages bearing his name, any official documents revealing his name were withheld.

This was to protect a whistleblower.
And the fact that Grassley has now gotten the go ahead to publicly reveal this FBI agent's name is HUGE.
The endgame is approaching. They can reveal who their whistleblower is because it's too late. The IG reports on the Clinton Email fiasco and the FISC Court scheme are dropping any day now.

After that, when the public has digested them, the indictments are unsealed.
FBI Agent Joe Pientka ALSO filed a FD 302 form following that interview with Michael Flynn.

Now Grassley is demanding to see both his & Strzok's FD 302 forms from that interview.

And he's going to get them.
Grassley assumes the 'ongoing criminal investigation' he discusses at the top of page 2 of his letter was the FBI's investigation into Flynn himself.

In fact, I suspect that's the investigation of who LEAKED that classified intelligence report on his calls with Kislyak. Dc9H8_mUQAc14P4.jpgDc9H-dcUQAEbZSG.jpg
ADDENDUM: Joe Pientka III was honored for his role in ending an armed standoff in 2009:





Dropped a lot of items this week, will try to pick up some this weekend.


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Well, I've had a few run longer this page than intended, so here come a few quick short ones.


I found this rather interesting.




Note that on the right, 13 months earlier   .   .   .  

Maybe these people really are stupid.

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More catch up.




Swap graphic as this expands info.



Video link has been posted before - Trump's speech, goals, and adversaries.




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Yep, also adds to the reasoning for the visits from EU leaders a few weeks ago.

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This confirms what was covered previously some posts back about Departments/Agencies need to be cleaned out first.


This inserted graphic(s) have previously been posted.




This is also a confirmation post, but I'll not cover that here.





To me, this last post suggests there are going to be some things happening that are going to result in increased support for POTUS and Party.


Korea is huge, and the Summit is in June - now we're into Campaign Season for Mid-Term Elections.


Iran ?

What if Iran busts and falls as Korea did, only this one may be even closer to Mid-Terms?


Some arrests ?

I don't know, but it is quite possible.


OIG Report is supposed to come out this week (was May 8 but slid again).

I posted the Stealth Jeff write up a few posts back referencing possibly unsealing some Indictments with the OIG Report release.


What else is out there over the Horizon ?

Voter Fraud Report is still sitting out there somewhere (we've seen part of it), what else ?


At this point, it looks like things are being heavily manipulated for timing to impact the Mid-Terms.

If we get a genuine Red Wave of Trumpers in the Mid-Terms buckle up and hang on (and break out the Popcorn).


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20 hours ago, JAFBF said:

Oh, this is good.





Do ya'll really think he's this incompetent ?




Got a good laugh out of this at least :)




gotta add this - as a sidebar to Stuarts post regarding the 3 Judges rebuking Mueller

the Russian companies and citizens: Indictments showing up to court to find out whats what

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