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The Philadelphia Eagles are doing it wrong.

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35 minutes ago, LondonBrown said:

You restore my hope for this board daily my man !! 

My name is Tour and I'm here to help...


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17 hours ago, PoeticG said:

The Eagles are not that good. Wentz is a bum. The only decent team they've played this year they lost to. They beat the shitty Redskins twice and Chargers and the Broncows. Oh! The Giants and the 49ers! Damn, they're world beaters! LOL they suck. 

Well...it is fair to look at their strength of schedule.  But you have to remember...those other teams have bad records in part because the Eagles beat them.

And you know what they always say:   If you beat the bums and split with the good teams...you can make the playoffs or win a title that way.

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