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Deshone Kizer

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3 hours ago, Mark O said:

Only the most negative of people around here would've focused on Kizers stats as opposed to the game winning TD drive that he could've led.   I was curious to see what Hue would've done on 4th and whatever if he hadn't fumbled since we didn't waste our timeouts in the 2nd half, I would've probably punted it and tried to pin them deep and hope Bortles will Bortles the Jags.  

But we have to wait for next week to see if Kizer can play a complete game.

I wanted it so badly. Wanted to see the crowd erupt, to see the players celebrating, to watch us make that ONE play that results in a late lead, and then watch Garrett swallow up Bortles as he attempts a feeble comeback. I visualized Kizer throwing it up to Coleman and him coming down with the ball in a tearful moment of injured redemption. I saw it all in my mind's eye....right before the other shoe fell. 


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2 hours ago, Nero said:


I'm going to get kicked for mentioning soccer, but I'll take the risk.

In soccer, it is commonly accepted that accuracy, even when some people have more 'touch' or 'feel' like nickers said, it is an aspect everyone can get better at, but mainly in FREE KICKS. Being accurate shooting at the same time you're running is a completely different asset. I don't know if this would be applyable to quaterbacks: most of the times they make their passes from a vertical stance, so it could be applyable, but even when passing from the pocket there are multiple little movements and things going around.

Everyone has its limits, though, and someone who is ''naturally accurate'' will have the bar higher than others who are not.

And the difference between college and NFL, as most analysts say, is that the windows to make the passes are more narrow in the pros, so you must be even more accurate in the college.

EDIT: I have to correct one hundred times my posts, lol.


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