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Bernie Kosar, new book

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Also......list of 400 yard games passing in NFL postseason play:

1 Bernie Kosar 489 CLE Cleveland Browns vs. New York Jets, January 3, 1987
2 Tom Brady 466 NWE New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons, February 5, 2017
  Drew Brees 466 NOR New Orleans Saints vs. Detroit Lions, January 7, 2012
4 Drew Brees 462 NOR New Orleans Saints vs. San Francisco 49ers, January 14, 2012
5 Peyton Manning 458 IND Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos, January 9, 2005
6 Andrew Luck 443 IND Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs, January 4, 2014
7 Dan Fouts+ 433 SDG San Diego Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins, January 2, 1982
8 Kelly Holcomb 429 CLE Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, January 5, 2003
9 Aaron Rodgers 423 GNB Green Bay Packers vs. Arizona Cardinals, January 10, 2010
  Jeff George 423 MIN Minnesota Vikings vs. St. Louis Rams, January 16, 2000
11 Dan Marino+ 422 MIA Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills, December 30, 1995
12 Dan Marino+ 421 MIA Miami Dolphins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, January 6, 1985
13 Kurt Warner+ 414 STL St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans, January 30, 2000
14 Randall Cunningham 407 PHI Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Bears, December 31, 1988
15 Jim Kelly+ 405 BUF Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns, January 6, 1990
16 Drew Brees 404 NOR New Orleans Saints vs. Seattle Seahawks, January 8, 2011
17 Don Strock 403 MIA Miami Dolphins vs. San Diego Chargers, January 2, 1982
18 Peyton Manning 402 IND Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers, January 13, 2008
19 Daryle Lamonica 401 OAK Oakland Raiders vs. New York Jets, December 29, 1968
20 Peyton Manning 400 DEN Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots, January 19, 2

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#8 Kelly Holcomb vs Pittsburgh in 2003.....whoa. And of course Bernie still #1. :)

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Got my Kosar book, not large at all will be good for some light reading one day. Nice inside covers front and back of Bernie's hand written game notes, quite an insight on what goes into a top NFL quarterback  on planning for an NFL game.....nice!

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